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20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality That Can Be Intimidating To Others

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20 Signs You Have An Intense Personality That Can Be Intimidating To Others

There are all kinds of people in the world. There is this bunch who is the most inconsiderate. Then there is the philanthropist kind. We also have a group of whiners, a lot which is most content and there is also this cluster of people who are extremists.

Today, we are talking about these radicals of the society who are the party-poopers, the kind who never take things on a light note. Yes, we are talking about that intense lot of people!

If you are often fervent, exasperated, hysterical, vigorous and painfully zealous, you are probably one of the intense people. And if you are someone who hasn’t known an intense person, ever, look for these 20 signs in people you meet. They are indicators of these deep, passionate people.

1. These people do not take long to unwind themselves. 2 minutes tops.

2. If they have to say or do something, they will make plans in advance. They will obsessively strategize for days and weeks. Sometimes, it can be months!

3. Their care for others is always prevalent. It’s a constant attitude they carry. To the point of mental relapse.

4. They tend to ruminate for hours and these hours never run out.

5. People often mistake them for psychopaths because they stare at them without batting their eyelids – sounds creepy even reading it, right?

6. Their helping hands extend to anything and everything. So, if they see a snail and someone steps on it, they will stare at it for a while, offering their condolences for the deceased.

7. Intense people are more about private messaging. They wouldn’t mind sending a 500+ words text message. It’s more convenient for them in reality.

8. Whatever it is they are speaking about, you will always sense conviction in their speech. Be it something as mundane as running errands or something which is actually passionate.

9. They only know the intense, exaggerated language. So, if you hurt them, they will say something along the lines of “why are you hurting my feelings, you petty barbarian, you uncivilized rogue, you insufferable reprobate!?!

10. No matter who they talk to, they will attend to them completely. You can be certain of receiving undivided attention from them.

11. They are probably one of the moodiest and unpredictable beings on the face of this planet. You never know when they will flip. One day they let you embrace them with open arms and the other day, they will ignore the hell out of you!

12. When it comes to relationships, they are classified as the “clingy” times. In their terms, it is being extremely emotionally expressive (EEE).

13. It is quite common for them to bring up controversial and potentially embarrassing topics in usual conversations.

14. Personal space? What is that? All they know is they want to spend all day, every day with their best friend.

15. They dwell on stuff a lot, which turns out to be unintentionally intimidating to the observers.

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16. Sincerity runs in their blood and they can’t help but be earnest. It can drive them nuts.

17. It is okay to bond with real human beings but these creatures, they will emotionally bond with characters in novels, TV series, and movies. If Jack from Titanic is freezing in the ice-cold water, they will frown and even cry when he eventually dies.

18. Big social networks aren’t really their thing. More the people you have to deal with, weaker the intensity and they need nothing of that.

19. They yearn for meaningful, deep conversations. Small-talk is a foreign concept. Don’t talk to them unless you are in for an evocatively profound conversation.

20. Oh, these people are die-hard romantic idealists! Wuthering Heights’ Lord Byron and Catherine are their paradigms of romantic partner perfection.

First off, how many of these signs exist in you? If you could point out more than half these aspects in yourself, you too may just be an intense person. If your heart moaned reading this post, you are welcomed to the club of intense people!

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