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17 Undeniable Signs You’re An Indigo Child

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17 Undeniable Signs You’re An Indigo Child

Indigo children are child prodigies of the new generation. They are highly empathetic, sensitive, inquisitive, independent, creative and open-minded. Often, the status quo will misunderstand them.

It is believed that the indigo children were born between 1978 and 1988. If you are one, you will show these 17 signs:

1. You had a hard time understanding indifferent and conniving people

Indigo children are born with an increased tendency of being empathetic than their previous generations. They think they are different because they can’t seem to group their feelings enough to treat people badly for longer periods.

2. Your feelings are always aggravated

You feel more than others. A sad movie will make you cry and a funny movie will make your stomach hurt. Whatever the feeling, you will feel it entirely. Each bubble of emotion that comes up feels more powerful – that’s how advanced emotions are for an indigo child.

3. Sometimes, it is hard for you to be a pushover

Your sensitivity extends beyond things, it encompasses people and situations. Even though you are independent, you feel deeply for everyone and it can land you in a troubled state when there’s a conflict. You can’t seem to disappoint or upset anyone.

4. You struggled in school

Despite the fact that Indigo children are super intelligent, they don’t conform to the conventional ways of teaching. They have a mind of their own. They learn best if there’s flexibility in how they learn – schedules, rules and restrictions don’t do well for them. They don’t do traditional schools because they are self-directed.

5. Mechanics of things have always interested you

These gifted children are very curious! They will question a lot. They want to explore and learn more and more about everything. Answers that satisfy a normal child, aren’t enough for the indigo child – there will be a series of questions awaiting you. They want to make sense of everything, trying to figure out how everything works.

6. Normal is something you have never quite been

Your sense of empathy and sincerity sets you apart from other children. You always felt like an outsider growing up. As a growing child, feeling not quite normal might have posed certain issues for you because it makes it hard to learn to trust your instincts.

7. There is a strong urge to find your life’s purpose

Normally, we spend our entire lives only to find out that we never realized the purpose of our existence. Things are quite different for indigo children. They are born with an instinct to fulfill their life’s purpose. They innately know that there’s more to their life than simply existing.

8. Spirituality attracts you but you aren’t rigid about religion

They are very open and welcoming when it comes to religion. Indigo children have an inclination towards spirituality but they aren’t too stubborn about any one religion and its practices. They will explore everything with an open mind.

9. Paranormal topics are something to their liking

Obviously, indigo children like talking about what most people deem unspeakable of. They like exploring more about the incomplete answers we have regarding the world around us, specifically what lies beyond the evidence.

10. You don’t inherently respect authority

They don’t respect a rule simply because it’s a rule – it doesn’t mean they are disrespectful. They just need to know why it’s a rule and, if it’s sensible, then they will respect it.

11. Among the people in your age group, you are more mature

All of the traits an indigo child has has made them more mature, in all respects. It leaves them feeling out of place. Since they are so mature, they figure out a way out to cope. Even when young, they will feel older than their peers.

12. People wonder if you have ADHD

It’s quite normal to look for a medical diagnosis for someone who is different from the usual. For indigo children, it is ADHD. Some of these children might actually have ADHD but, for others, they just have a different thinking pattern.

13. Your creativity shows well in your stories

Their imagination is impeccable and extraordinary. They can construe an interesting story to calm a child, as well as entertain a large group of people. They are born storytellers.

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14. Horror movies easily scare you

Remember how they have heightened emotions? Well, if they watch a scary movie, it will embed in your mind for longer than you think. They will very easily remember the whole story if you ask them years later.

15. You realize your uniqueness but you aren’t narcissistic

You do feel like you are special but not in an unusual way. You don’t think highly of yourself but that you have a sense of duty and purpose in life.

16. You would rather be fulfilled than rich

Money is only a means to living a comfortable life. You don’t have that urge of becoming unnecessarily rich. It’s why you will find indigo children pursuing careers which are lucrative but fulfilling.

17. You have a creative outlet

It’s like creativity runs in your blood. Whatever you do, painting, cooking, music or your job, you always try to do it creatively. Their creativity doesn’t necessarily earn them fame or popularity.

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