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16-Year-Old Exposed Her Dad Is Cheating On Mom in Front of Whole Family

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16-Year-Old Exposed Her Dad Is Cheating On Mom in Front of Whole Family

An angry kid who didn’t get along with their dad told Reddit that their dad had been cheating on them.

After seeing the man behave in a strange way, the child got suspicious.

One day, the man got home late and didn’t know that his child could smell something strange on him. Only a few days went by before his child found out his biggest secret.


A 16 year-old went to Reddit to ask if they were wrong for telling their family about their cheating dad. Before getting to the main story, the teen talked about their bond with their dad.

Because of work, the teen and his brothers’ father was rarely home when they were kids. The man worked long hours and often went to other places on business trips. He didn’t spend much time with his family at home.

“Siblings and I were basically raised only by my Mom, and I’m really close with her,” the kid said. The teen didn’t want to talk to the dad because the dad only talked about how bad the kid was doing in school. The person on Reddit always told them to do better in school or things would get tough.

As a child, the youth saw that his father was acting differently, but he didn’t think anything was wrong. When the child turned 16, what the man had been keeping from his family came out.

What did the teen find out?

“I remember a few months ago, he came home super late, and I could smell a little perfume on him,” the Redditor said. Even though the teen didn’t do anything about the strange smell that day, he or she soon figured out what it meant.

A few days later, the dad forgot to put his phone down on the table. He had no idea that when his teenager saw a message on the screen, his family would find out his biggest secret.

“Last night was amazing.” Someone sent the teenager’s dad a text message that said, “Can’t wait to see you again.” The teenager was shocked, but knew what to do.

The teen wanted to talk to their father or tell their brothers about the message, but instead they ran to their mother. The child told her what was on their father’s phone because he thought the woman would talk to him about it, but she wasn’t surprised. Someone on Reddit remembered:

“She got pretty emotional, which I felt bad about.”

As the teenagers watched their mother get angry, they chose not to continue talking. The child thought their mother had told them not to worry about it. She told the child she would take care of everything, but she didn’t know that the child would soon tell on the man.

How did the teen expose her father?

The teen was asked to a dinner at their grandparents’ house soon after seeing the text message. They were getting together with family, and the child’s cousins were there too. At dinner, one of the teen’s cousins began to talk about his new job.

The child’s father brought the attention of everyone to his child when he heard about his cousin’s new job at a software company. The Redditor said, “My Dad took the opportunity to call me out and say I should follow after my cousin and focus more in school.”

The teenager didn’t answer the father, so he or she just ate quietly until an uncle joined the chat and said it was hard to talk to teens these days. That teen’s dad agreed, saying that kids no longer respected their parents and that the Redditor never respected him.

That’s when the teen lost it and told the man, “Hard to respect you when you openly cheat on Mom and don’t even try to hide it.” When those words were spoken, everyone was quiet, and the teen’s father was shocked.

The man didn’t scold his child; instead, he got into a fight with his wife and blamed her for ruining the teenager. Their fight got so bad that other family members had to step in and calm them down. The man’s wife soon left the dinner with their kids, telling him not to come home.

The kid remembered, “When we got home, my phone started blowing up.” A lot of family members, like the child’s cousins and uncles, thought the teen was the one who broke up the parents’ marriage. So, the kid felt bad about what he did and told his mother he was sorry.

The woman understood how her child felt, but she said it would have been better to talk to the man alone. That being said, she didn’t blame the kid for making her marriage worse. At the same time, the teen’s dad kept calling, but they never answered.

After telling other Redditors what happened, the teen asked them what they thought about it. Someone wrote, “NTA. It’s a bit awkward to do it over dinner, but if I were a teenager and my dad was insulting my entire person like that, I think I would snap thirty seconds before you did.”

The Reddit user said the teen wasn’t to blame and put the blame on the father instead. At the same time, someone else said that the teen’s father and extended family were to blame for everything. The user also said:

“I also highly doubt your extended family would have played defense if your mum was the one cheating.”

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