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Mom Wants To Join Son’s Honeymoon, But Daughter-In-Law Refuses

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Mom Wants To Join Son’s Honeymoon, But Daughter-In-Law Refuses

Enjoying a honeymoon has long been the norm for newlyweds as their first solo holiday.

Although the romantic getaway probably won’t be the first holiday spent together as husband and wife, it will remain a memorable occasion for the couple.

That’s why attending her son and daughter-in-law’s honeymoon might have been a little bit of an overreach for this mom… To discover the outcome, continue reading!

Callum, the son, recently tied the knot with Sarah, his soul mate, according to the woman, whose name is Lisa.

They had to figure out where they were going for their honeymoon as part of wedding planning, of course.

Lisa has a bright idea

Apparently, Lisa had the brilliant notion to tag along on Callum and Sarah’s vacation, and she even went so far as to seek her son for permission. She was taken aback by Callum’s agreement; he then informed his bride that his mother would be accompanying them.

It seems that Sarah, too, at first grudgingly accepted, stating that it would be acceptable so long as it genuinely brought joy to her new husband.

Drama unfolds

Unbeknownst to the three of them, their trip to a seaside town would quickly become the worst holiday ever. Callum, Sarah, and Lisa set out on their adventure together.

The newlyweds had arranged a number of fun things to do with Lisa, but they had also reserved some intimate experiences for themselves. Lisa gradually became a total distraction, to the point where she would not budge when her partner attempted to have quiet time alone or a romantic supper.

It was becoming increasingly apparent that her ambition to participate in Callum and Sarah’s honeymoon was negatively impacting their much-anticipated getaway.

Apparently Sarah went to Callum to tell him how she felt, explaining that she was glad Lisa had come along, but that she had wanted more quality time to herself on their honeymoon, even if she was thrilled to have Lisa there.

Callum, who was obviously perceptive, took Sarah away to ask his mother if they might have some alone time for the rest of their journey.

Even though Lisa had felt stung, she consented and chose to spend the afternoon alone exploring the charming coastal town, keeping her distance from the pair.

But the tension was palpable at the farewell dinner the following day. Lisa put on an act despite her sad feelings; she felt like Sarah didn’t value the work she had done to make her and Callum’s honeymoon special.

What next?

Once the three of them got back to their hometown, the honeymoon became yet another fond memory; unfortunately, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons and certainly didn’t turn out the way they had imagined.

Relationship tensions have recently emerged between Lisa and Sarah, and Lisa is at a loss as to how to resolve them.

This is, alas, not an isolated incident involving Callum and Sarah. Actually, a lot of people have gone to online communities like Reddit to air their grievances on this very thing. Many commenters on these blogs have strong opinions regarding these domineering in-laws.

In response to a comparable message, one user wrote: “Never marry a ‘Momma’s boy.'”

Someone another chipped in: “Many years ago my Dad told me if you wanted to be an Adult, you needed to move away from your parents when you marry. Because otherwise you’d always remain a child. These days his words seem prophetic.”

They continued: “The more I read these Reddit posts, the more I think married couples need to put some distance between themselves and the in-laws. Even if they get along.”

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