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13 Extraordinary Signs That Prove You Are Smarter Than The Average

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13 Extraordinary Signs That Prove You Are Smarter Than The Average

Do you ever feel stupid because you are ‘not good enough’ in something particular? Well, intelligence cannot ONLY be judged by being good in studies or giving witty answers.

Here are 13 signs which show that you have greater intellect than you think you have. Most people would relate to at least 2 points, if not more.

1. Learning music

Studies have shown that music lessons have profound effects on a child’s development and even help a child to perform better academically. So, your capacity to think thoroughly may be traced back to the music training you took.

2. The first child of the family

Although it sounds a bit odd, it has been seen that the elder sibling is somewhat more intelligent than the younger one in the family. The younger ones mustn’t feel bad or envious about this. There’s surely something for you. Read on.

3. The slimmer, the better

People with broader waistlines have been found to have lesser abilities in terms of cognitive functionality. Children performing badly in academics are more likely to be obese later, while clever students tend to be more health conscious.

4. Breast-fed child

By some yet-to-be discovered mechanism, breast feeding makes children more intelligent. They have been seen to possess significantly better intelligence quotient than others who were not breast fed as babies.

5. Bookworm

If you have been a bookworm ever since you have any memories, it means that your verbal and non-verbal faculties are more developed than your non-bookworm peers.

6. The ‘Lefty’ in the group

Left-handed people tend to have great creative abilities and divergent thinking capacity. They are more innovative and often have better ways to tackle difficult situations.

7. The worried one

If you worry more than your friends and they tell you not to do so, tell them that it only means that you have more intelligence than they have. Worrying about something means that you are aware of the consequences of your actions and you think them over before acting. You are thus more likely to get better results.

8. You have the height

If you were tall as a child, it’s more likely that you studied better and have grown up to be more intelligent than many other people around you. That’s very much a reason for you to feel proud about your height. Isn’t it?

9. Witty and smart

If you are the one who always comes up with that ‘humorous reply’ and can make people have fun, you are undoubtedly very intelligent. Out of 400 students who participated in an intelligence test, the ones with greater IQs could come up with the best and humorous captions for some cartoon scenes.

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10. Curiosity – The obvious hint

It needs no pointing out, that all great personalities have been immensely curious about everything they did, even when they did not do anything particular. If you have that unquenchable desire to know, it is inevitable that you are intelligent. Who knows, you may even become ‘great’ one day!

11. The perfectionist

Perfectionists are mostly smart persons who are never easily satisfied by their state of affairs. As a result, they put in more time and effort into what they do and this excels their mental abilities.

12. The nocturnal being

Early to bed and early to rise makes Jack wise? Well, not anymore. As it has been found, people who stay up late are in fact more intelligent than the early risers. Going against the apparent ‘law of nature’, great people have stayed up all night trying to figure out the answers to their problems. It’s a sign that they do not give up on their quest for knowledge.

13. A ‘messy’ writer

Decades ago, people coined the concept of Creative Disorder which drives every creative person. A person with a bad handwriting might well be very creative. Obviously, as we know the ability to create anything requires a lot of intelligence.

So now you see that intelligence involves a lot more than just strong academic records. Everyone is intelligent in their own way and one shouldn’t feel bad about something that they cannot do. No one is perfect!

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