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12 Things Your Man Does Only When He Is Truly In Love With You


12 Things Your Man Does Only When He Is Truly In Love With You

Dating is complex. You don’t know if your partner shares your feelings. Particularly in new relationships, after you’ve been through the honeymoon period and the reality of life begins to settle around you, it is natural to wonder whether your partner is on the same page as you.

However, asking him outright is usually not the correct way to go about it as it might take him by surprise. It is quite possible that he has been thinking about it too and is not sure yet, or perhaps he hasn’t really thought about it.

Some signs are bound to give you a hint if he has fallen in love with you, even if he might not know it himself yet.

1. His eyes keep finding you even in a busy room

No matter if you are at a friend’s party all decked up, or if you are just chilling at home in sweats and a messy bun – you will catch him looking at you multiple times because he is just that fascinated by you.

2. He knows the little things about you

You might have told something in passing, but he’d surprise you by springing that surprise when you least expected it. This is because he listens to every word you say and remembers even the little things that mean something to you.

3. He cares about your point of view

This doesn’t mean that the two of you will agree on everything all the time. But he will never dismiss your opinions or beliefs. He would want to know more about your ideas and explore them whenever possible.

4. He is always in your corner

He supports you and it shows. Even on the days that you don’t believe in yourself, he does. He has faith in your abilities and he is happy to remind you of the fact on days that you forget.

5. He is ready to adjust when it comes to you

When it comes to things that he was usually very adamant about, he is ready to give you a pass. He is more likely to turn the other way when you do something wrong because he loves you that much. But this shouldn’t mean that you exploit him and his patience.

6. He is not shy to tell you that he misses you

Whenever you two are away, he does these little things that show that he cares. It might be a random message or anything that lets you know that you were on his mind.

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7. Helping you gives him joy

Not that he thinks that you are not capable of doing things on your own, it’s just that he feels better when he has made your chores a little easier.

8. He initiated casual physical contact

When the two of you started dating, both of you must have been shy about physical contact. But now he doesn’t hesitate to pull you closer to him or hold your hand when you are out walking and other little things that show that he needs you by his side all the time.

9. He respects your personal space

He might have his insecurities but he doesn’t let them get in the way of you living your life. This is because he truly loves you and is willing to trust you rather than jeopardize what you two have because of jealousy.

10. He is willing to make you his priority

Every time you really need him, he will be there. He never brushes your concerns aside because he is preoccupied. He is always ready to make time for you. This is one of the surest signs that he loves you.

11. You can feel the love

Your gut tells you what he might not have spoken yet. Deep in your heart you know that he has brought his walls down for you as you have done for him. And you have the feeling that he loves you, even if you can’t really explain it.

12. Things that are important to you, are important to him as well

It might be a big meeting at work, or a basketball match that you’re a part of. These events become as important to him as they are to you and he is always there to hype you up about them. Whatever thing matters to you, he wouldn’t miss for anything else in the world.

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