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12 Things You Should Never Say “I’m Sorry” For


12 Things You Should Never Say “I’m Sorry” For

It is absolutely okay for one to love his/her own self, without really regretting or keeping any second thoughts when it comes to enjoying and being happy with the way you are or the way you live your life. We ought to live a life based on our own conscious choice of action. Being accountable for that before someone, unless it includes the other person’s complete involvement, isn’t something that makes us comfortable. For at the end, all that matters is your own satisfaction and things that you prioritize, unabashedly before the whole world.

“Sorry” is one such word which we tend to use on a daily basis. Have you ever thought whether the thing you are apologizing for, really deserves your apology or not? It is your own choice of lifestyle for which you don’t owe an explanation to anyone.

Here are a few things that will never make you regret for not having apologized.

1. Prioritizing Yourself Over Everything else

Man lives just for himself. The sooner one realizes this, the better it is for him. It is foolish to expect that peoples’ actions can make you happier than your own. It’s everything that you do that is going to make you happy or satisfied at the end of the day. Living a life based on your free will is always appreciable than others having a hold on your life. By this, we are accountable to ourselves for our actions, thus, making us self-sufficient.

2. Don’t Keep Your Dreams Restricted

Being ambitious about your life isn’t a bad thing. The bigger your dreams are, the more focused you can possibly be in trying to achieve them. There isn’t anything unachievable if you try for it. All you need is persistence and patience and a deaf hearing to those who think aiming for goals beyond your league is unrealistic.

3. Give Time To Yourself

It is good to care about others but do not forget to care about yourself. You don’t become selfish if you prioritize your physical, emotional, mental well-being over others. Keeping some time reserved exclusively for yourself isn’t something you should be sorry about.

4. Choosing Your Partner

The one thing you shouldn’t be apologetic about is the person you choose to have a romantic relationship with. It is your life and you have the right to be with anyone you love and feel comfortable being with. Opinions of others, regarding the person you choose to date, is better if not taken into consideration.

5. Do Not Hesitate to Express What You Feel

Freedom of expression in one thing that even the constitution guarantees us. Not being able to express your emotion, makes you uncomfortable and claustrophobic in an over imposing society.

6. Be Satisfied With What You Earn

A happy and satisfactory job might not necessarily pay you billions, but at least they make you feel confident of what you’ve earned, because that’s what you rightly deserve.

7. Stay Positive

“If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters, just the same” (If, Rudyard Kipling), you’ve made yourself steady enough, to face all odds. Remaining optimistic in situations which force you to bend down, is indeed a victory over half of your problems. A positive attitude towards life ensures you happiness for a lifetime.

8. Learn From Your Past

Mistakes made foolishly in your past excite people more than anything else does. Criticizing you for your acts is the best they can do. You, on your part, gain experiences and lessons for life which help us not to act in the similar manner any further. There is no point in feeling sad about the things people say, for they come and go. What remains is the things that you learn out of your mistakes. Life is all about learning even if it includes a miserable past.

9. Your Choice Of Food

It is your body and so the best one to decide what is healthy or what one needs to eat in order to keep that body stable is you. No one gets to have a control over your food habits, except your nutritionist (at times). You will always come across people correcting you for your eating habits. That, in reality, is none of their business.

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10. Be Ambitious

Settling for less, without really exploring your true potential is injustice to yourself. Having larger aims and ambitions makes you run after them to achieve true success. Wanting more from life doesn’t make you greedy or ungrateful. It makes you unique and truly capable of soaring higher than others.

11. Don’t Be A Conformist

We are often criticized for our choices in our lives by the ones who hardly matter. People might try to manipulate you for not following the mainstream. It is your choice of lifestyle that can make you comfortable and feel good about yourself. Conforming to the rigidities that people follow makes you stereotyped. So, follow your heart without regretting.

12. Stand By Your Own Perspective

Have your own opinions and views, irrespective of what others think about it. Do not hesitate to put forward your ideas, even if they do not conform to the common or popular belief. It is better to have an indigenous standpoint than going by the crowd.

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