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12 Signs That You’re An INFJ – The Rarest Personality Type in the World

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12 Signs That You’re An INFJ – The Rarest Personality Type in the World

According to Myers Briggs, there are 16 personality types of which INFJ is the rarest one.

INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feelings/Sensitive, and Judging.

Initially, Myer’s wife, Katherine Briggs and their daughter, Isabel Myers, designed Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator Test. The test was based on the study of different types of psychological personalities according to Carl Jung’s analysis.

The test categorizes individuals into 4 types: Introversion vs. Extroversion, Intuition vs. Sensing, Feeling vs. Thinking, and Perceiving vs. Judging.

Here are the 12 signs that are indicating that you’re an INFJ:

1. You’re an introvert

You get along so well with everyone that people often assume that you’re an extrovert. On the contrary, you have a small inner circle of friends and it’s in their presence only that you feel truly happy and wholesome. So even though you do hang out with large groups of people, it gets exhausting for you. As a result, “me time” is the most precious period of the day for you, where you can revive your energy in peace.

2. You’re intuitive

You’re very sensitive to the kind of vibes a person has. You can sense what’s their state of mind and what they think about you. Before anyone thinks of even deceiving you, you withdraw yourself away from them to save your energy.

3. It’s important for you to have sensible and sensitive people around

You only get along with people who practice honesty and truth around you. Anyone who has parallel intentions regarding you or are manipulative in any way, you pull yourself away from them.

4. You have well-defined principles about life

You have your belief system in place and no event can shift that axis of thought. You’re clear headed about what you desire from life and work and, if the happenings around you do not match up with it, you’re not reluctant to exit from the situation. Your social and moral convictions are most important to you in life.

5. You know you’re different from most people around you

Your kind of personality makes you so unique that most people’s thought frequency doesn’t match up to yours. Consequently, you often feel that you’re being misunderstood by even your close ones.

6. You emit comforting vibes

If you’ve ever come across a stranger opening up to you regarding his innermost feelings and dilemmas to you, then don’t be amazed. This frequently happens with you because you have a comforting presence around you and people naturally want to share their deepest secrets to you.

7. You empathize well

Your high intuitive levels and sensitive nature helps you understand what’s going on in the other person’s mind. You quite organically start extending help to them that makes them even more attracted to your presence.

8. You seek truth

You appreciate the presence of people who are honest with you. Till the time they’re building narratives or doing grand gestures, it won’t impress you but, the moment they open up to you with absolute honesty, you’re with them. You dislike fake people and prefer to stay away from them.

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9. Small talks are useless

You do not like to talk about regular, mundane, and unimportant issues. It’s a waste of time and energy. You’d rather share something deeper about yourself and receive the same from the other end. You like to talk about things that’ll help you broaden your horizon of knowledge and help you grow intellectually.

10. You like to impress people with your work

You’re a hardworking, well organized, and focused when it comes to work. You’re punctual about meeting deadlines and you always make sure that those around you are always satisfied with your performance.

11. You’re a deep thinker

You can spend hours of your day introspecting your words and actions throughout the day. You like to philosophize about everything and at the same time gain knowledge about things unknown to you.

12. You’re far-sighted

You’re clear about your goals in life and all your energy is directed towards achieving that aim. However, you need people to bring you back from the future to help you focus on the present; you often lose sight of the moment in your zest to achieve a beautiful tomorrow.

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