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11 Traits She Is A High Quality Woman


11 Traits She Is A High Quality Woman

We are surrounded by good-hearted women almost everywhere, but when a person is in a dating phase, it is not so evident. In fact, when a person’s love life is not working out very well and is dating many women, one after another, it often misleads that person to believe that valuable women are occasional. (The situation is the same for dating men also.)

You are bound to meet different kinds of women and many being good-hearted if you are available. Most definitely a few rotten eggs would pop up their heads, and results in stereotyping.

Human beings are very intelligent creatures but at the same time, most of us are oblivious of the opposite gender.

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring- that she lovingly gives; the passion that she shows. The beauty of the women grows with the passing years”- Audrey Hepburn.

Here are the 11 common traits that quality women share:

1. She can look after herself

She is the kind of woman who can take care of herself and does not need an extra hand to help her out. She chooses not to blame anyone for her own mistakes. Only she is accountable for her own actions and takes full responsibility for it. These kinds of women are trustworthy, diligent and self-assured.

2. She is comfortable in her own skin

This sort of woman has a high amount of self-esteem, which is backed up by the right amount of confidence in her. She takes a good look in the mirror, giving herself the right amount of self-importance whenever she feels apprehensive about anything going on in her life. After all the trouble she goes through, and hearing everyone’s views and opinions, she has the brain and maturity to acknowledge that her opinion about herself is the one that really matters.

3. She is independent

This is very encouraging and it means that she doesn’t need you. She has fallen for the person you are and not after checking your background. She does not want you to fulfill her everyday needs, whether it is financial, physical or mental. In a relationship, both partners are equal, and they support each other only during the times of need.

4. She is very selfless

She doesn’t always think about herself and wants to give you as much attention as she can. She would easily keep your happiness before her own. She wants nothing but respect from you. In a good relationship with a quality woman, the sacrifices she makes and her selflessness are quite evident.

5. She avoids drama

A quality woman does not indulge herself in theatrics, as it shows a very little amount of maturity. They never argue unnecessarily or ask a pointless question only to bug you. They would never try to make you insecure about anything or even shoot up a conflict.

6. She brings out the best in you

A quality woman would never underestimate you and will always inspire and help you to reach your full potential, as she is aware of you and your limits.

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7. She is even-tempered during conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship and a quality girl has the maturity to understand it. She remains very calm, composed and deals with such situations very logically. A level-headed mind prevents the conflict from escalating.

8. She is not narrow-minded

She has very opinionated and modern outlook. She is not afraid to share her opinions with people and doesn’t want any validation from a third person. She has a high level of tolerance and the patience to listen to all the things that people have to say.

9. During intimacy, she is real

Not being bashful about intimacy is one of the traits of a quality woman. She would be very open about it and let you know when it is time to take the relationship further. She would not be shy about letting you know about the things that she is not comfortable with.

10. She always leaves a positive impression

Accountability, responsibility, honesty, having a modern outlook, truthfulness are all the traits that a good-hearted quality woman possess. Having all these things, it becomes very difficult for her partner, his family, and even his friends, not to admire and respected her. Hence, she always leaves a positive impression on people.

11. You feel lucky to have her

If you ever find a woman possessing all these qualities, you should feel extremely fortunate. Never should you leave her or mess up the relation that you are in.

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Image source: Ilya Sedykh/Flickr

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