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10-year-old Boy Sells His Toys On A ‘Freezing Cold’ Day, But The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

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10-year-old Boy Sells His Toys On A ‘Freezing Cold’ Day, But The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

Because “she is the best” and “does a lot for” him, the boy wants to surprise his mom with gifts for Christmas.

Parents usually show their love for their kids by giving them important gifts for Christmas.

In this popular video, however, the roles are switched, as a boy tries to find the right gifts for his mother to show how much he loves and respects her.

The boy sells all of his toys because he doesn’t have enough money to buy the gift. Unfortunately, he meets a kind person named Ryan Tricks (@ryantricksmagic), who grants all of his wishes and gives him twice as much as he expected.

Performing Artistes says that Ryan Tricks is a TV personality who is famous for his magic skills, which have earned him a big online fan base.

As he records from his car, he sees a boy with a sign that says “Toys for Sale for Mom’s Christmas Present.” The kid said he was selling the toys he didn’t need anymore so he could buy his mom “Christmas presents.” Everyone will feel good about the reason he gave.

He talked about how his mom “does a lot for” him and works all weekend to get him a great Christmas present. Hence, he wished to repay the favor.

Image Source: TikTok | @ryantricksmagic

Even though Tricks said it was “freezing cold” outside, the boy said, “I wanted to do it because she’s the best.”

Tricks was moved by the boy’s efforts and chose to assist him in his good cause. He asked how much each toy cost.

The boy’s prices of as little as £10 ($12.10) for toys that were in perfect shape showed that he was a bit naive. Tricks became more impressed as the chat went on.

In the spirit of Christmas, he said, “I want to buy all of these toys from you.” At first, the boy said no because he was too grateful for the favor, but Tricks finally got him to agree by telling him how moved he was by the boy’s heart.

Tricks then asked the kid how much all the toys would cost. The boy chose to pay £50 ($60) for all the toys, which was again a very low price when you think about how well they were kept. Tricks helped him again and said he would pay £120 ($121) for all the toys.

Image Source: TikTok | @ryantricksmagic

Besides that, he put an extra £100 ($121) as a Christmas present for the boy. Cue the tears.

At first, the boy turned down the offer of extra money, but in the end, he gave in. He was grateful and gave Tricks a hug to show it. After that, they started putting all the toys in Tricks’ car.

Many people praised Tricks, but those who thought he was wrong for taking the toys found out in the comments that he actually let the kid keep all of them. For the boy, it was just like Christmas.

Numerous users on the site loved this story of kindness, and it got 21.7K likes.

This kind of kindness keeps people alive, as @fatesshadow said, “Acts of kindness like this are what keep me hopeful for humanity.” Tricks did a great job, and @mariallynch67 said, “Amazing, well done to Ryan and this little dude.”

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