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10 Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For Doing Them Now


10 Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For Doing Them Now

Our lives are full of regrets, chances we didn’t take, words we left unspoken or the relationships we were too egoistic to save. We all have a past we wish we could change but we can’t. However, the best part about humans is our capability of moving on and learning from our regrets.

Just because our past has been regretful, our present and future don’t have to be likewise. We can choose to make decisions today which we WILL NOT regret later.

Here are the 10 choices your future self will thank you for doing them now:

1. Explore what you love and own it

People will always have suggestions about what you should like and what you shouldn’t. Don’t listen to them. Discover the world however you like. Look for the things which make you truly happy and explore all about it. Get to know about it so much that you meet others who share a similar interest. Life is too short to pretend or look cool in front of others. It will only cause you misery.

2. Live your idea of your life, every day

If you are on an exploratory mission or you are trying to live your life as you like it, you will meet people who will sway you away in their own direction. Just remember it is THEIR direction, not yours. It might not be good for you. If you end up living a monotonous life as suggested by your parent or a peer, it is your fault in the end. You don’t want that. Follow your intuition. Live life as you want to live it.

3. Wake up every morning and get the right things done

You aren’t a mere cell structure in this world. You matter but it depends upon you. You can either chose to get things done just as they are or you can actually be productive and get them done right – there’s a huge difference. You need to DO things. You need to take responsibility for your life!

4. Don’t get glued to your smartphone and be present

Doesn’t it frazzle you not knowing how you ended up at a certain place? The smartphones have actually ruined our ability to be in the present. We need to experience the moment as it is present. Mindfulness and awareness are something we should learn. We need to LIVE in the PRESENT. You won’t remember the check-ins of your friends on Facebook but you will remember who you met the other day in the café.

5. Practice unabated kindness

Kindness goes a very long way! It is possibly one of the best gestures you can show to anyone. People don’t remember what you say to them but they remember how you make them feel, so be kind and gentle. People remember who helped them in times of need, who loved them when they felt unlovable. Be that kind of person in others lives.

6. Love yourself too

Often, we try to find someone who can love us. But do we really need someone? Of course not! We need to love ourselves first. Love isn’t something out there which others will give us – it is something within all of us. It makes us human. When you love and respect yourself, it makes loving others so much better. Sharing the love inside you with your significant other makes your life an amazing experience. Love will only do its magic when you love yourself before loving anyone else.

7. Lesser work and more time-spending with the people you love

Being a workaholic isn’t something you are proud of. When you grow old and look around you, would you feel contented if you have a lot of trophies and accomplished projects or if you have your loved ones comforting you? Spending quality time with family is very important, even maybe more than working day and night. Too much work doesn’t do anyone any good anyway. Relax. Lead a simple, balanced life.

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8. Say what you need to say

Often we hold ourselves from saying what we feel. We shouldn’t. It can make a huge difference. You need to be brave and speak up. You might not get another chance. Your silence is going to hurt you more in the long run than it would help in keeping peace with others. A mediocre life will await you if you don’t learn to say things you want to or express how you feel.

9. Let go of the toxic relationships

Poisoned relationships do not do any good. They just keep you from growing, from being a better person. You deserve more – more love, more kindness, more respect. Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t let anyone treat you any less than you deserve. Surround yourself with people who foster your growth. You might get hurt losing long-term friends or partners but, if they weren’t a positive influence, they don’t get to be negative as well. You need to let them go.

10. Let go of those who are already gone

We meet an endless number of people. Some of them leave a mark on us. Some of them stay for teaching us a valuable lesson. Some of them become our life-long buddies. In the end, there are people who stay and there are people who leave. Embrace this reality and accept the goodbyes. Not all the people you meet are there for the long haul. Every goodbye you receive sets you up for an even better hello.

Image was originally taken by rorkimaru/Youtube

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