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12 Things You Stop Caring About The Closer You Get To 30


12 Things You Stop Caring About The Closer You Get To 30

Our perceptions slowly change as we grow older and, after a certain point, some of the things you used to worry about will seem meaningless. For some of us, this starts happening by the time we hit our late 20s and others only realize it in their mid-30s. But by the time 30 rolls around, most people would have changed.

It’s satisfying to have the revelation that you are now an adult and you don’t need to get anxious over trivial issues. Here’s a list of things that you’ll stop worrying about when you’ve been around for three decades.

1. New Fads in Fashion:

When you were younger, you’d actually spend time looking up new trends going so far as to try even the ones that didn’t work for you just to fit in with the rest of the crowd. But now you know that it is enough to dress appropriately and be classy and elegant in most situations.

2. Gaining Weight:

As much as you hate gaining a few extra pounds, you begin to accept that some things just stick on with age. You’re okay with having some meat on your bones but you’re also aware that you need to eat healthy and exercise often.

3. Rumors and Gossip:

Once upon a time, you would have welcomed the chance to sit with your friends and exchange all the juicy gossip you’ve heard about other people. Now you are more focused on your own life and don’t have time to be judging others.

4. Other People’s Opinions:

This was especially tough earlier when you met up with your peers from school and university and your life wasn’t as glamorous as some of theirs. But it doesn’t matter to you now because you know that it’s more important to be in a career that makes you happy.

5. Other people’s thoughts about your partner:

Others might think your partner is too short, too fat, too ugly, not rich enough and even the wrong gender but you don’t care about all that anymore. You love them for who they are and they love you just as much or even more in return.

6. Big Birthday Bashes:

While there’s nothing wrong with having a big party and inviting all your friends, you also don’t mind spending the day doing the little things that make you happy and thinking about the direction your life has taken.

7. Bragging:

You don’t really have the time to show off, even if you did get a huge promotion or you’re making enough money to get all kinds of expensive gadgetry and so on. You’re happy just getting appreciation from the people who matter and knowing that you did your best.

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8. Social media:

Like most people, you also used to obsessively check all your social media accounts, not just for information but also to observe the lives of all the people around you. But you’ve cut back now because it’s more important to be in touch with those who truly matter.

9. When your wedding will happen:

This one can be hard with all your friends getting married and having families. Sometimes you might feel like you’re being left behind but you also know that you can’t force these things. You might even prefer your awesome career anyway.

10. Your appearance in cold weather:

Comfy winter clothes might make you look as round as a ball but you don’t care anymore because you’re nice and warm and ready to have fun.

11. Celebrity Gossip:

While it’s occasionally fun to hear about the latest doings of the Kardashians or about Beyonce’s new baby, this is information you don’t really follow anymore. There’s too much going on in your life anyway and besides, if you don’t follow those sales instead, you’ll be missing out on good deals.

12. People Telling You What To Do:

Not that you liked this when you were younger but now it doesn’t bother you anymore. You know where you want to go and how to get there. You’re ready to work hard for what you want and to make your own choices. What everyone else has to say about it becomes meaningless background noise.

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