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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going To, Or Already Is, Cheating On You


10 Signs Your Partner Is Going To, Or Already Is, Cheating On You

Life is full of surprises. At times, these surprises are rather unpleasant and we aren’t prepared for them. There is instability and uncertainty in every walk of life but we don’t expect to meet it, ever. It is the same unpreparedness when it comes to personal relationships in our lives. We have romantic partners and we expect them to be at their truest self when they are with us. Their disloyalty is something we never look forward to.

Infidelity is a rather hurtful action and it feels awful falling a victim to it. When you give in your best to make the relationship work, it breaks you knowing all your efforts have been in vain.

You might love your partner with all your heart but realizing they don’t love you back the same way, it’s just upsetting. It would be so much easier to save ourselves from such deceits if we knew about these unfaithful ones beforehand.

So, here are the 10 signs which will indicate that your partner has the tendency of committing adultery.

1. They aren’t emotionally available 

Emotional unavailability isn’t something you won’t notice – it’s quite obvious when your partner starts detaching. Accepting this detachment is hard. A potential cheater finds an easier way out by becoming indifferent emotionally than to face the actual problem.

2. Inadequate intimacy 

Intimacy is inevitable if you two are in love. If your partner is showing no concern or is avoiding physical intimacy with you, it is very likely that he will be cheating. This indicator is more of a warning if things were smooth in this area earlier. Physical closeness strengthens the relationship and its absence can deteriorate it.

3. They ask for some privacy

It is quite natural for even someone in a relationship to have some time to their selves. There is nothing wrong with a little “me-time”. It becomes an issue when your partner is frequently asking to be left alone. Statements like “just let me be” or “I need some time to think” are a few things you are likely to hear.

4. A sudden defensive attitude

There are differences between you and your partner’s personalities but you thrive by accepting those differences. Issue arises when your partner suddenly becomes defensive of certain obvious behavior shifts. If they aren’t willing to talk about the changes, there is likely something fishy.

5. Irregular financial habits 

We you two share a relationship, you are well aware of each other’s financial habits as well and there is a certain accounting involved. If there is a drift in this understanding or evidence of splurges by your partner, for which they cannot account, there is likely a cheating problem.

6. Becoming “fashion-cautious”

It is quite common for someone to look presentable for various reasons. But for someone who has shown little interest in appearance earlier, an abrupt, unexplained change in their fashion trends is pretty questionable. Amidst midlife crises, the will try to look more presentable and there might very likely be an effort to look more attractive to the opposite sex.

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7. They don’t pay heed to your inner circle

Being in a relationship with someone means you are friends with their friends. Hence, if your partner is suddenly not interested in meeting your friends, especially if they have been very active in this regard, it is quite a warning sign of possible cheating going on.

8. They constantly keep their eye on their phone/computer

When you are in a relationship with someone, it is quite okay to meddle around with their phones and other personal gadgets. Usually, your partner wouldn’t mind. Hence, if they show irritation or possessiveness when you check their phone, it is quite likely they are cheating.

9. They are unnecessary late

It is quite understandable that in a commitment, sticking to the set schedules goes long way. But if your partner is drifting away and starts showing up late frequently, you might question them. If they can’t account for their conduct, you might want to look at the possibility of infidelity.

10. “Something came up at work”

You have certain responsibilities towards your workplace as well and your partner should very well understand them. The problem arises when your partner starts using this as an excuse to hide something he doesn’t want you to know. If your partner tells you that something came up at work but is unable to fill in you with the details, it is a sign you become cautious.

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