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7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You That Everyone Misses


7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You That Everyone Misses

Sometimes, catching a cheating spouse or a partner can be very easy.

You might smell an unfamiliar perfume on them, or they might start coming home late every day. At other times however, it can be extremely difficult to catch them.

A lot of people do their research online before committing adultery and avoid making the rookie mistakes that might give them away.

But unless they are a psychopath, they cannot be having an affair without leaving some clue or the other. In this article, you will find seven signs of cheating that most people tend to miss.

1. Reverse accusation

This is known as gaslighting. What gaslighting means is, trying to pin your mistakes on someone else to save themselves the guilt. When they start accusing you and doubting even the littlest of things, there is definitely something wrong. A guilty conscience often leads them to do these things. This is to distract you from questioning anything suspicious they do. They might also do this to make themselves look holier than you. If they all of a sudden start accusing you of cheating, they are just trying to put the spotlight on you so that you don’t start doubting them about the same thing.

2. Increase need for privacy

When people cheat, they tend to ask for more privacy. It might start with them starting to hide away their phones, and then gradually the demands for privacy get bigger and bigger until they are absolutely unrealistic. They might start to get annoyed even if you ask simple questions like when they will be back home or where they are going. They might even start spending more time alone in their rooms. Everybody needs some space and privacy but sudden increased emphasis for it can be a cause for concern. Just watch them and be careful about how much time do they really spend “alone” and if they are trying to avoid even the simplest questions that you ask.

3. Imaginary perfection

Just like the calm before a storm, if a relationship seems to be going too smoothly, chances are that there is something amiss. Frictions, when they arise, is because partners care enough about each other. But if all unfulfilled needs are being met elsewhere, then there remains no need to fight with you.

4. Emotional unavailability

If you find that suddenly your partner has become unavailable, or if there is an unexplained rift between the two of you, adultery could be the reason behind it. More often than not, the guilt of cheating on their partner can weigh on their conscience and make them want to stay as far away from you as possible. This unexplained distance is often a sign that your partner may be cheating on you. Try to notice if your partner has become emotionally unavailable to you and is emotionally distanced.

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5. Contradicting stories

Let’s face it, cheaters lie. It can get hard to keep track of all the things they have lied about to other people. So, if you find that your partner’s stories don’t match up anymore, chances are that its because they are lying to you about something or the other.

6. Show of love

To hide their guilt and placate their own conscience, cheating partners often resort to giving a lot of material gifts and complimenting. While in most cases this is a sign of genuine love, if this behavior increases all of a sudden, it can be a sign of adultery. If you see this sudden change of behavior in your partner, it might help to keep a closer watch on them.

7. Physical changes

If your partner suddenly makes radical changes to their appearances, it might be because their attention has shifted elsewhere. It might be that they are trying to impress their new partner, or simply because they feel the need to cut off all associations with their old life. Whatever the root cause, sudden changes are always a cause for concern. They also might suddenly be interested in their appearance because there is a new person in their life, and it is always worth it to be a little more aware when you find this happening with your partner.

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