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Every Person Will Go Through These 10 Stages Of Love, But Most Get Stuck On The 8th


Every Person Will Go Through These 10 Stages Of Love, But Most Get Stuck On The 8th

Quite simply, love is the purest emotion that can exist, devoid of any ulterior motives. But, does it happen all at once? Do you just wake up in the morning and the sight of someone in the street makes you fall in love with them? Not really.

It happens in stages, and all these stages are beautiful in themselves. Well, only if your love is reciprocated. For, philosophy aside, it hurts when someone doesn’t love us back. Nevertheless, true love can only be found when there is nothing to seek.

1. “They are more than friends”

When this realization hits, you are in a conundrum. Do you tell them? Or do you keep it a secret? Do you see flowers blooming every time they are with you? Is this attraction increasing every day? If the answer is yes, then you are falling for that person, my friend. It isn’t much time until you start planning on going on dates. But, be cautious.

2. “Always on my mind”

They seem to be always on your mind. Wherever you go, whatever you do, they seem to be with you. This might hamper your work efficiency, but you are happy in your thoughts of them, imagining scenarios that might never come true. Relax, no one can defeat you in your dreams.

3. “You’re Beautiful”

You think they are beautiful. Well, not just that, but extraordinarily, mind-mindbogglingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful. You are smitten by them. They can do no wrong in your eyes. Every sentence seems to make you laugh, and you have decided that they are the best thing to happen to comedy since Jerry Seinfeld. Damn dude! But whatever floats your boat.

4. “Am I good enough?”

Here comes the doubts. Insecurities, awkwardness, you don’t know whether they like you or not. Whether you are good enough or not. Whether they are out of your league or not. Don’t be so quick to underestimate yourself man, for leagues are just a farce. If you are really falling for them, there is seldom anything that can stop you from being with them. And that’s the cold, hard truth. Don’t worry about leagues, just trash your doubts. They only serve to destroy your self-confidence.

5. “I could feel the walls vanishing”

Even if you have seen them naked, it doesn’t mean that they are completely comfortable around you. That takes a lot of time. It needs patience, and a desire to hang out together, talking about yourselves, which would bring you closer to each other. As this stage approaches, you are finally getting over your nervousness, and looking forward to each day, wondering how much time you would be spending together. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

6. “I feel like flying”

Quite possibly the best stage, you are filled with elation and happiness. You believe nothing on earth can stop you now, and that your love would finally be yours. It doesn’t always lead to that result, but for the time being, you feel on top of the world.

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7. “Woah woah woah!”

You are troubled now. You don’t know where to go. The feelings are real. This love is real. This desire is real. But the commitment, you can’t fully stabilize it. What then? Do you capture it? Or just let it slip through your fingers, while your feelings lie under the debris of forgotten emotions? Think for yourself, and decide. Don’t make a move. This is the time for retrospection, not action.

8. “Jealous”

Don’t go through their social media if you don’t want to meet with other individuals trying to date them. This might make you jealous and possessive, but this isn’t the time. You yourself don’t have a footing to base yourself on. Don’t ruin it by being a jerk. If there is a problem, ask, simply ask and they will tell. Don’t start assuming things that will destroy something beautiful.

9. “Make a move”

Act! Make a decision. Do you want them, or do you not? If you do, go ahead and tell them everything you think about them. Everything that gives you hope at the beginning of the day, and everything that puts a smile on your face. If you don’t, be honest with yourself, and move on.

10. “A Happy Ending”

It all ends with this. The union of two souls in love. It is beautiful, but this isn’t really the end. The struggle starts now. The adrenaline from the chase kept you going earlier, but now, the struggle is to co-exist.

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