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10 Disturbing Facts About Society We Foolishly Accept As Normal

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10 Disturbing Facts About Society We Foolishly Accept As Normal

Do you ever wonder what chaotic world we are living in? Does it occur to you that there might be actual peace somewhere else in this world? Does it ever feel like we are all together yet we are all backstabbing each other when given an opportunity?

Well, it’s the sad reality! This world feels doomed and all its inhabitants, even more so than ever.

Turn on the TV after a hectic day at work and what do you see? A teenage girl took her life because of the societal pressure, a young man was shot on his way home, there was a robbery at the jewellery store or a 10-year-old was abused and tossed in the trash. Nothing makes sense and it is almost as if everything is going wrong. Who do you blame? Whose fault is it?

You might find answer in what Michael Ellner once summarized saying how we all are turning ourselves. We have disturbed the nature by kindling with the natural order of things.

Look at how doctors negatively impact the vitals of a patient to make more profits or how prejudiced newspapers are or how impervious psychologists are. On top of it all, even the government lacks sense of what human rights are. It feels like everybody’s their own. 

We try to move a step ahead in what we call becoming civilized but it goes wrong. How do you suppose you establish more housing without deforestation? There is always an opportunity cost, don’t you think?

Inevitably, all of what we see today isn’t happening right now. It is the result of what has been happening for a while now. But it doesn’t have to go on like this. We can’t change what has happened earlier but we can influence what happens next.

Consider these 10 realities from The Free World Charter we have wrongly accepted as normal in our society:

1. We all are too hypnotized by the idea of being socially elite simply because of the riches we have. We have become desensitized towards the poverty-stricken part of our society and all we care about is how to bring more revenues. Clean air, housing, drinking water and a safe environment are basic needs but we have overlooked them recently. Those who have these luxuries, take it for granted.

2. Our international policies aren’t mutually benefitting. It is the larger and more powerful countries who gain, every single time and at the expense of the poorer countries. When these large countries fight for the power grab, it’s the small countries who regularly suffer. These countries pay through their teeth for the luxuries of First World nations while their own people starve.

3. The divisions we have made on this one mass of Earth has caused differences between us. We divided it in the name of countries, states, and cities for our convenience. Today, we have forgotten how it’s all one and that, we too, are one.

4. When a dispute breaks out between two countries, it is not okay to take the lives of the innocent. How do you justify and sell killing somebody in cold bold as desirable? Not only it’s not okay, but it should be forbidden to go on a killing-spree in the name of your country.

5. Animals are just as much beings as we are. They have feelings too. We kill them for their body parts. Not for a second do we think how would have the poor soul felt at the time of their death. A murder is a murder. Just because they can’t communicate or speak for themselves gives you any right of harming them.

6. Our education system. The school curriculums teach nothing valuable. It teaches us theories and not practicality of the actual life. They force-fed information which might not even be helpful in real life, ever! Life skills are never a priority.

7. Unfortunately, raising children has become a tremendously costly affair. It is almost as if it’s a competition to see who provides best for their children.

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8. Religion has become our equipment to justify all its shuns. There are just too many Gods who we interpret differently to please what we believe. Talk about violence, discrimination and even ethnic cleansing – all in the name of religion. We ignore the better part of it where it preaches peace!

9. What humanity? Superiority at all costs is what we are after. We have forgotten the basic sentiment of being human. We find our strength in being inhuman to others and belittle them. We find out strength in competition and the survival of the fittest.

10. Do you see how today the scientists keep their inventions hidden or at a price so high that people who are actually in need can’t even afford them? It’s the capitalist era where we are chasing ownership and forgetting that our inventions are meant to help those in need.

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