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10 Basic Principles of Self-Made Billionaires That You Should Adopt To Succeed In Life


10 Basic Principles of Self-Made Billionaires That You Should Adopt To Succeed In Life

Money has been the turning point in human civilization, standardizing trade and with it, all kinds of human exchange like knowledge and culture.

It basically brought us out of the dark ages, so to speak, giving rise to the original ‘new world order’, giving nations different identities and people newer identities and fealties.

Today, in this totally cash-driven world, money is everything; it makes or breaks the person you are. If you have enough of it, there is nothing in the world that isn’t yours; if you don’t, well, you are a nobody, if I must try to not sugar coat it.

It opens so many doors that the simple fact that of being a billionaire makes a person ‘inspirational’ and worth your time.

That pinch of salt aside, to make money, one must be a certain kind of person (talking about earning legal money; you can always choose a career in drug trafficking or politics if you want to be rich fast). Certain mental and psychological traits and attitudes make it easier for people to earn, or rather sell themselves than other things.

And yes, you do sell yourself; you create a certain persona that “sells” on the market. You become a particular kind of person in order to sell yourself. For some, their USP (unique selling point) is their looks, for others their degree, while for others, their sense of humor.

Here are 10 such attitudes that are common among billionaires. Definitely worth considering.

1. Articulating your goals perfectly

Steve Jobs did not want to release a phone. His goal was a phone that could function as a computer but was easy to use.

They definitely do not faff around when it comes to setting goals for themselves. And yes, goal-setting is almost as important as actually getting off your lazy butt to follow up on them.

The goals can and should indeed start with the smallest of things only to be followed up, in a step-by-step manner, with actually following your dreams and ambitions.

Most successful individuals manage to set very well chalked-out plans and goals for themselves, quite early on in life.

2. Sticking to your plans

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars. Having the plan, he came to the conclusion that the main obstacle was the high cost of flying to the Red Planet. Now Elon is busy developing more economical space transport.

It is one thing to have an ambition and passion and it is a whole different ballgame to do what you planned about. People like us, normal mediocre people, end up getting fed up with the worries of life before we actually pursue our dreams, which are normally things that we are good at. That is a mistake that successful people do not make.

3. Not holding back

Do not censor yourself thinking what others will think of you. James Joyce, novelist par excellence and the first truly modern novelist, wrote Ulysses, the novel that changed people’s perceptions of the limits of the English language itself, to being panned by critics.

Did he back out? No; he followed it up with an even richer and more obscure book Finnegans Wake.

4. Doing what you love

The favorite story of Mark Zuckerberg: “In 1962, John Kennedy visited the NASA Space Center. In one of the offices, he noticed a cleaner who was so engrossed in sweeping the floor that he did not even notice him. ‘Hi, I am John Kennedy. What are you doing here?’ Kennedy addressed him. The janitor answered, ‘I am working so that humanity could go to the Moon, Mr. President.’ ”

People end up, thanks to bills and expenses and responsibilities, leaving things they like to pursue for safer options; careers which are nowhere as close to your liking in order to earn safely and regularly.

But, people become successful only by doing things they like, not by simply collecting a paycheck.

5. Thrift

“Spending a dollar wisely is more difficult than earning it.” — Steve Jobs

At least in your early years you need to be thrifty because money in the bank is always money in your pocket after a few years. It is important to save up so that you end up with a sizeable fortune when you truly need it. And the need can actually be pursuing your dreams, if the opportunity presents itself in the future.

6. Time

I want to cleanse my life from things that don’t have any sense. It seems to me that I cannot do my job if I spend some part of my energy on stupid and frivolous things (like choosing clothes) in my life.” — Mark Zuckerberg

Is money. It is not only something you can lose forever, but it is actually your greatest asset. Every minute you spend enriching your skill-set is something you can bank upon later in life when you actually need it the most.

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7. Priorities

Elon Musk believes in solar systems but knows that he doesn’t have enough strength for everything. That’s why he dedicated himself to Tesla and SpaceX, while the SolarCity project is managed by other specialists. On Mondays and Thursdays, Musk goes to the office of SpaceX, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he visits the Tesla office.

Successful people always know how to sort things. They always know the task at hand and know how to separate it from the things that can be done later. This is the best method of time management.

And it helps you be grounded and get your life together.

8. Not complicating your life

“The desire to complicate things is your enemy. Everyone can create something complex. It’s hard to do something simple.” — Richard Branson

Things that can be outsourced, deferred or not done, should be. Things that actually need doing, like that bill you haven’t paid yet, needs to be done first.

9. Respecting people

By not reducing them to stereotypes. You never know who you can learn from. Peers can be very promising.

10. Living for others

“Your time is limited. That’s why you shouldn’t lose it by living other people’s lives. Do not fall into the trap of dogma. Do not let the noise of other people’s opinions beat your inner voice.” — Steve Jobs

Unless there is some or the other attachment, one that you really work harder to better, there cannot be true sincerity.

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