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You Will Only Meet 6 Types Of People In Your Life—Each One For A Specific Reason


You Will Only Meet 6 Types Of People In Your Life—Each One For A Specific Reason

Things happen when they do for a reason; even in this chaotic universe, there is a method in the madness.  And by things, we mean everything. Especially the people we meet. Yes, every person we meet in our life is an event in themselves; they bring change, no matter how small or big.

There are very few true coincidences in our world. The connections we make, happen to work in ways that are beyond us to explain, at least in the moment.

Every meeting, no matter how illusory, teaches us something or the other. The only factor here being, we don’t realize what those lessons are immediately.

Here are six types of such synchronicities or coincidences that shape your lives more than you think!

1. Those Who Come To Remind You

Their job is to remind you of some past mistake that cost you dearly. Hegel had once said that “what we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” Each one of us is guilty of repeating the same mistakes at some point in their lives and it is permissible as we are, after all, human. These individuals will remind you of these mistakes. There is a high likelihood of you not repeating said mistakes after you meet them.

2. Those Who Make You Grow

Very important ones. These are people who embody the phrase, “everything in life is a learning experience.” They are the teachers of the soul.The lessons they teach can be happy ones or they might just be heart-wrenching ones.But remember, there is always hope and “the light enters through your scars”.

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3. Those Who Come To Awaken You

There are some people who come to remind you of something really important. These people are the wake up calls; the ones that remind you that you need to get a hold of yourself. Life’s tides may come and you may feel like you’re drifting away. These people are the alarm clocks you can depend on.

4. Those Who Hold Space For You

These are people that come in our lives for a very short moment. People that will very quickly pass you by, but they will for sure leave an impact to your life, often when you need it the most. You might only share a moment or a laugh with them, but they will make a difference for the better.

5. Those Who Will Leave

These are the most common variety of people you will come across. These are the encounters that remind you in a way of the frailty of relationships and connections, and the mercurial volatility of promises. When one door closes, two windows open. If an individual despite promising not to, and despite your best efforts, leaves, there is nothing you can do about it really. Except, take it with grace and move on. Learn from the experience and let it go. Holding onto such people and such memories is but an exercise in futility.

6. Those Who Will Stay 

Ever heard of the words “support systems”? This is the closest you are going to get in the human world. These are the selfless bundles of blessings sent to be your rod and staff when you need them. Hold on to these people. Value them for what they are to you, respect them, never even think about causing them pain and hurt. Most importantly, love them as your own.

Bonds like these happen only very rarely and are very difficult to keep too, but they are worth all the effort. These are the connections that make you believe in the fact that whatever happens, does so for a reason and the reason is more than often good.

Hope you make such meaningful connections and have joyful experience in your future.

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