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If You Possess Half Of These Qualities, You Are One of the Rarest People on Earth


If You Possess Half Of These Qualities, You Are One of the Rarest People on Earth

A prominent psychiatrist named Carl Jung in his book “Psychological Types” coined the term INFJ which is the initialism for the words – Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging.

These qualities are rare to be found and only 1 % of people possess them. People falling under this category have a strong sense of morality and often leave a good impact on people around them.

So lets find out if you are one of the rarest people on Earth!

1. Focus Only on What is Important

These people are very particular about what catches their attention. They have their eyes set on one particular goal and nothing can distract them. If by any chance they fail to obtain it through one method, they choose another way to gain it. For them, stopping isn’t an option.

2. Hard Working

They understand that a goal without any hard work is just a dream. People from INFJ are really hard working and are aware that if they desperately want something, they shall have to go out in the world and earn it. They aren’t afraid to give their all, every time.

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3. Believing in Their Gut

The ‘N’ in INFJ stands for intuition. These are the rare kind of people who feel things very deeply and in loud frequencies. They are subconsciously warned when things are about to go wrong and they start taking steps to prevent it or at least start being careful about it.

4. Limited People and Friends

They prefer to only have a handful of people close to them. Being Social introverts, these people admire solitude and have a limited crowd in their lives. For them, it is the quality of people that matters more than the quantity.

5. Empaths

Empaths are a blessing in disguise to the human society. Being the powerhouse of positivism, they fill people with love and affection. They always try their best to be there for people. While judging any situation, they place themselves in other’s shoes to have a better understanding of it.

6. Ability to Read Others

It is almost fit to call them human calculators because they are rarely wrong about a person. They are good at reading body languages and can understand what kind of intentions a person has.

7. Visionaries 

They are the visionaries. These people think deeply about what the future has in store for us. They keep their minds open and allow it to wander in the wilds. As a result, their thoughts and theories are different from that of a conventional person.

8. Desire to Inspire

Since these people are filled with passion and positivity, they inspire a huge crowd. Everyone gets to learn something from them. They often become the person people look up to, with respect and admiration.

9. Love of Writing

As mentioned above, these people have very few people in their lives. They often fail to express themselves verbally and so they bleed on papers. For them, writing is an escape from the reality. It is less stressful and they do not have to go through the additional labor of explaining themselves to people. They open their hearts out without any fear and feel light after their words have touched the surface of the notebook.

10. Problem Solver

For an INFJ person, solving problem is a basic thing. They look into matters very deeply and never fail to notice the minute details. Simultaneously, they also manage to keep the bigger picture in mind.

If you have been able to relate yourself to at least 4 of the above-mentioned points then CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE A TREASURE!

The featured image was taken by an incredible photographer Laura Ferreira

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