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You Should Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut About These 7 Things


You Should Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut About These 7 Things

Man thrives on communication and man is always curious. This makes secrets very tricky and secret-keeping something huge. Be it Harry Potter or real life, keeping secrets and confidential information to yourself can sometimes make the difference between life and death, having a job or being unemployed, or being married or living life paying alimony.

Enough of frightening scenarios, but in all seriousness, there are some things in life which you should never tell anyone. Yes, communication and transparency is great, but only to a certain extent.

After that, it is just toxic and unhealthy, and should be avoided.

So here are 7 things that you should keep to yourself:

1. Your property

If there is something that even moolah cannot compare to, it is definitely property. We live in an era when there are too many people without basic amenities, like a roof on top of their heads. But there are also people who think they deserve more for being creatures of jealousy.

You, the little industrious one, can just be duped by one of these scummy creatures, who will dupe you out of your property and make you homeless.

Also, pro-tip, keep investing in property as much as you can. The world is getting bigger, and people are definitely not getting fewer in any way.

2. Issues with your family

Nothing seems to attract more negative attention than issues with the family. You will bond with the wrong kind of people through sharing things like issues with having a toxic family.

You read about every teenager arrested for drug abuse having come from a broken home. Well, it is sharing the details of those things that attracts the wrong kinds of friends and father/mother figures.

Bond over positivity and shared interests, and not hate for your parents. I am not asking you to be grateful to toxic parents, but the least you can do is to keep the negativity to yourself and not let it fester by attracting similarly suffering people, or worse, people who will take advantage of the suffering, pain and hurt.

3. Charity

There is a popular proverb in India which roughly comes to this: if you do something good for someone else, make sure no one knows, not even your left hand.

This is because of two things: one, some people will think they deserve to be on the receiving end of such good deeds simply because it is their opinion, or two, they will feel jealous of you and the spiritual merit you earned from the exercise and resent you for it.

This will go on to mess up your life a little more, by attracting loads of negative criticism or jealousy and toxicity.

Do charity, as much as you can afford, but make sure you do it to the right people who need it and that you keep it to yourself.

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4. Your ambitions

Because some eavesdropper who hates you will invariably mess up your hard work and ruin what you are working towards. Or worse, he will let you do it and swoop in and take credit for it.

Let us face it that is just a real crappy thing to do. But hey! Let us face it, the world is a tough place to live in.

5. Your religious views

Given the amount of communal violence, this is really a no-brainer. Simply separate your socio-political life and your religious life. Keep the doors between tightly bolted.

Also, pro-tip: Be nice to everyone. No God has asked you to hate a fellow human being based on which Gods they worship or don’t. Humanity is the biggest faith; adhere to it strictly.

6. Secrets of others

Because they have either trusted you with them, or you were not supposed to know. Either way, it is not your secret to tell others.

7. Your salary

Ah the moolah. The cha-chink! The beautiful rattle the teller machine makes counting the green.

The wonders a good salary can make on your mental health is just underrated. To have something that is the very embodiment of the toil you put yourself through is just amazing.

But you know what? Nothing attracts negativity like moolah. It attracts jealousy and it also attracts nosiness, from people who after knowing the figure will criticism you saying it is too less. That is something you can simply do without.

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