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This Goat And Her Dad Being Obsessed With Each Other Will Warm Your Heart


This Goat And Her Dad Being Obsessed With Each Other Will Warm Your Heart

We often find ourselves going back to someone who has been there for us at some point or the other. We, as humans, have a natural tendency to look up to someone for emotional support and stability. This video will give you a whole another perspective on how bonding works between an animal and a human – sure you would understand this relationship if you have a pet but it isn’t the same as the connection Eduardo and Galica share.

Since not all the animals are supposed to be kept as pets, we hardly get a chance to understand every animal’s social behaviour. However, if you run a sanctuary for rescued animals, you surely will have experienced bonding with various animals. Eduardo is one of those compassionate human beings who have a thing for animals, specially rescued. It is how he met Galica, the abandoned goat.

It is simply heart-warming to see the extent someone can go to for ensuring safety of an animal realising they are helpless. It is a quality many of us are devoid of – we feel sympathy but we lack empathy. Eduardo, on the other hand, is high on empathy. His efforts to ensure that not only the baby goat survives but gains good health are simply commendable!

People have been appreciating him for his goodwill and you would too once you know the entire story behind this rescue. Someone even commented that this is the kind of many every woman wants to marry! Galica found a stable friend, a home and comfort with Eduardo. Why would she want his attention divided especially when he reverts back to her needs?

It is common to experience a bond between a pet and the owner but seeing a rescued animal bond with another human like this it is quite speechless. You will feel nothing but joy and respect for this man once you are done watching the video!

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This is beautiful!

Posted by Power of Positivity on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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