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We Are Sending Thoughts And Prayers For Blake Shelton

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We Are Sending Thoughts And Prayers For Blake Shelton

When Blake Shelton was recently featured in a virtual concert, several of his fans noticed dramatic changes in his appearance. The extreme physical change that the 44-year-old country music artist underwent was not done for cosmetic reasons; instead, it was in response to a serious health risk.

Image source: Justin Higuchi/Flickr

Shelton claimed that he acquired detrimental behaviors like binge eating, compulsive snacking, and excessive drinking during the early stages of his time spent indoors and alone. Shelton’s startling weight gain was the result of his bad lifestyle choices and his inability to tour or work because of the pandemic.

In a Zoom conversation, Shelton talked about how his unhealthy lifestyle has caused him worry and isolation. He was completely defenseless and helpless. Because he was housebound, he lacked the motivation to leave the house and seek professional assistance.

It took all of his willpower, as well as the support of his loved ones, to get back on track with healthier food and regular exercise, which ultimately led to weight loss.

When the singer suffered a minor heart attack while trying routine housework, he understood that his lifestyle had become extremely hazardous to his health.

Image source: DOD News/Flickr

The heavy feeling in his chest was a sign that his health was deteriorating due to his late-night habits of enjoying fatty foods and alcohol with his buddies.

He and his doctor agreed that rapid weight loss was necessary to prevent further complications from his cardiac issue. This involves making changes to his routine that will have a lasting impact on his health and fitness, rather than just a quick fix.

Following his frightening health scare, Shelton resolved to take charge of his health and make some significant lifestyle changes. He ultimately decided to try the ketogenic diet after speaking with his buddy, Kelly Clarkson, a judge on NBC’s The Voice.

This diet severely restricts carbohydrate consumption to trigger ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body burns fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.

The country musician says he feels better now than he did before his small heart attack because of the dietary changes he made. Shelton’s story is a tremendous source of encouragement and inspiration for anyone striving to make positive lifestyle choices while many are battling to maintain healthy due to the pandemic.

Some easy first steps in adopting a healthier lifestyle like Shelton’s are cutting back on processed foods heavy in carbohydrates, eating more greens, and eating smaller servings.

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