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Blue Ivy Looks So Much Like Beyoncé In These Latest Photos, And Fans Can’t Believe Their Eyes

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Blue Ivy Looks So Much Like Beyoncé In These Latest Photos, And Fans Can’t Believe Their Eyes

We get it; it’s not unusual for children to resemble their parents; nevertheless, when your mom is Beyoncé, it becomes newsworthy (aka the Queen of front page news).

Recent pictures of Bey and Jay Z’s baby, Blue Ivy Carter, have drawn comparisons to the Single Ladies singer’s older self. And if you’re not impressed by the family resemblance (you’re in the minority there), Blue’s maturity level should still prompt you to fall in line.

Photos of Blue Ivy at the NBA Finals game at the Chase Center in San Francisco prompted instant comparisons to her celebrity mother, who was also a child star at the time.

Fans of Beyoncé online were quick to compare a photo of Blue Ivy with her mother to emphasize the resemblance, and anyone who has spent any time at all online will agree that there is a striking resemblance between the two, right down to the earrings and lip gloss (which, granted, aren’t genes but rather good taste).

When Blue was younger, she was often mistaken for her father, but now, as one Twitter user put it, “Blue Ivy stole Beyoncé’s entire face!”

“Blue Ivy is literally Beyoncé’s twin,” one Twitter user wrote, while another added: “Sorry, had to do a double-take when I saw Blue Ivy at the NBA game.”

“Beyoncé really said copy and paste with Blue Ivy,” quipped one fan, another commenting: “Wow, wow, wow, had to remind myself it wasn’t the 90s for a second.”

Putting their appearances aside for a second, there was a very beautiful moment during the game (the two were courtside at the Golden State Warriors game against the Boston Celtics) when Jay Z wrapped his arm around Blue Ivy.

Though most of us would give our left arm for a celebrity to do this to us, Blue sees it as simply another awkward dad moment that she is eager to forget. As she struggles to free herself from his grasp, she can be heard saying, “dad, my hair.”

This is something that thrills us to see.

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