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Very Rude Hairdresser Gets Put In Place By Customer

Off The Record

Very Rude Hairdresser Gets Put In Place By Customer

Some individuals possess an optimistic outlook, finding beauty in everything, while others tend to adopt a consistently negative perspective on life.

Expressing genuine happiness for others seems like a simple task, yet for some, witnessing the joy of others becomes a source of discontent.

This tale about a hairdresser is a great example.

Upon entering the hair salon, a woman excitedly shares her plans for a trip to Rome with her husband with the skeptical hairdresser.

“Rome? Why on earth would you want to go there?” questions the hairdresser. “It’s overcrowded and filthy. You must be out of your mind. How are you even getting there?”

The woman confidently replies, “We booked a flight with Continental. Got a fantastic deal!”

“Continental?” scoffs the hairdresser. “That airline is terrible. Their planes are ancient, flight attendants ugly, and they’re always late. So, where are you staying in Rome?”

“We’ve chosen a charming spot by the Tiber River called Teste,” she answers.

The hairdresser interjects, “Save your breath. I know that place. It may seem exclusive, but trust me, it’s a dive.”

Undeterred, the woman shares her plans to visit the Vatican and, if lucky, catch a glimpse of the Pope.

The hairdresser laughs, saying, “Good luck with that. A million other people will be trying to see him. He’ll look like an ant. Your trip is bound to be a disaster.”

A month later, the woman returns for another hairdo, prompting the hairdresser to inquire about her Rome excursion.

To the hairdresser’s surprise, the woman recounts a delightful experience.

Their Continental flight was on time, the plane was brand new, and they were upgraded to first class due to overbooking.

The hotel, despite the initial skepticism, had recently undergone a $5 million renovation, offering them the owner’s suite for free.

Unimpressed, the hairdresser mutters, “Well, you probably didn’t get to see the Pope.”

Contrary to expectations, the woman reveals, “Actually, we were quite fortunate. While touring the Vatican, a Swiss Guard approached me and invited me to wait in the Pope’s private room. Five minutes later, the Pope himself walked in, shook my hand, and even spoke a few words to me.”

Intrigued, the hairdresser asks, “What did he say?”

With a smile, the woman replies, “He asked me, ‘Who messed up your hair?'”

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