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Now You Can Get Paid $4,500 Per Month, Move To Iceland And Travel All Summer

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Now You Can Get Paid $4,500 Per Month, Move To Iceland And Travel All Summer

Yes you heard it correct. It’s a golden opportunity. You can travel to Iceland, the heavenly country for all summer and get paid $4500 for it. It sounds straight out of the dreams, doesn’t it?

According to reports by the Business Insider, there is a big chance for you to engage yourself in an innovative summer job and make tons of money to put in the bank. The WOW, an Iceland based budget airline is making your dream come through by appointing travel guides for the summer and the job description looks fantastically inventive.

Once appointed and selected perfectly for the job, you get to visit 38 European and North American destinations as a part of WOW’s guidelines steering the tourists and helping them explore their culture, architecture, history, entertainment, food, clothing and everything that those places have to offer.

Your job is to document the trip digitally, through different social media platforms, gifs, blogs and vlogs. This will, in return, create a very helpful digital guide for the other tourists planning to visit Iceland. The platform will give you all information regarding the hidden gems in the country, its best food and lodging options, the best places to see around, the estimated budget and travel tricks.

Those who can successfully complete this task will be provided accommodation throughout the trip in a luxurious, fully furnished apartment, for which you do not have to pay yourself. It is situated downtown Reykjavik. They will cover all your transportation expenses too. Hence you have to pay for nothing. To the contrary, you earn for this job.

You get paid $4500 a month for this incredible job that we believe exists somewhere in a parallel world. Because the reality of this world shows, we are stuck in the corporate, grinding and straining ourselves in front of the computer screens 24 hours a day – no pleasure, no leave.

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But wait, this opportunity gets much better!

The job allows you to bring a friend along with you, while travelling and exploring the country. Isn’t it exciting? You get to make memories and share moments in a beautiful country with the closest and favorite person of yours while still being employed. Your sole task will be to document this dreamy journey all along.

You have a wide array of destinations to choose from as a summer travel guide. You can choose between Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and New York. The options are many and you can select any country of your liking. The job is simple and crisp where unlike other jobs, you don’t have to grind yourself in front of a tiring desk job all day long. In this job you get to enjoy yourself, breathe and explore the world, click photographs and record your journey. Most of all, you get a chance to see the world while getting remuneration for it. Different isn’t it?

The job begins on June 1st and continues till August 15th. The opportunity is remarkable and extraordinary in its own way and can show up as something innovative in your curriculum vitae. It will also enable you to discover a new, unknown version of yourself, where unlike all the other conventional jobs, this job allows you to explore a different aspects of your persona and let’s you do your duty in a relaxed manner. You are also given a scope to have your friend beside you while you embark on this outstanding endeavor.

We are all tired of this stereotypical, boring office work culture where its education till 20, job at 22 and marriage at 30. So why not try something different when there are chances like this?

WOW airline is doing a great task to discover something praiseworthy and unusual. We should make full use of it. To apply, first you need to choose your travel buddy. It can be a friend, your relative, your father or mother or someone whom you can rely on throughout the journey. Your second task is to shoot a small travel video at home, to give them a demo – a crisp travel guide so that they can check your capabilities for this job.

For a distinctive and eccentric job like this, the competition will be very high. So you will have to try your level best for this.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let this opportunity get out of your hands!

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