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Tom Selleck’s Health Update As He Turns 78

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Tom Selleck’s Health Update As He Turns 78

There have been rumors circulating that the 78-year-old Hollywood actor is suffering of the an incurable disease, and this has caused serious concern among his devoted fanbase.

Tom Selleck’s thick moustache became his signature appearance after he gained widespread recognition in the 1980s as the lead in the CBS detective drama Magnum P.I.

His filmography includes roles opposite Ted Danson and Steve Guttenber in the classic Three Men and a Baby.

The role of Monica Geller’s older boyfriend Richard Burke in the second season of the groundbreaking comedy series Friends brought him to a new generation of viewers.

Even if the star is still appearing in public, fans are worried about his or her health because of rumors that the star’s health is deteriorating.

Let’s take a look at the health struggle of the notoriously private actor in light of allegations of “crippling arthritis” and publications claiming the star has a “incurable condition” and is “becoming blind.”

Crippling Arthritis

Image source: Dominick/Flickr

Fans of the show have been curious about the 77-year-old actor’s limp since the first season of Blue Bloods aired in 2010.

The actor’s labored stride was attributed to “crippling arthritis” in a 2019 National Enquirer claim that was picked up by other credible outlets, but the father of two has never confirmed that he has any chronic disease.

A Blue Bloods set insider reportedly told the National Enquirer that the actor did not have long to live and had been hiding his health problems.

According to the story, he has also been facing a “host of medical concerns.”

Some fans may have detected a minor limp on the actor’s part because of a rumor that he’s been using powerful steroids to combat a protracted battle with arthritis, which impairs his movements and joints.

In interviews, Tom has mentioned how important it is for him to keep his personal life out of the public eye, but he has never addressed the question of whether or not his limp is intentional for the role or the result of an injury.

Tom, who is married to the English actress Jillie Mack, issued a memoir in 2019 titled Untitled, in which he made no mention of his health.

Ageing woes

Image source: Alan Light/Flickr

The rumors and chatter about Selleck perhaps retiring and leaving the hit police drama Blue Bloods for good persisted.

OK! Some outlets claimed that the actor had “got tired of the Hollywood grind,” and was now leaning toward retirement because of his difficulties with breathing and maintaining “stamina” on set.

According to the article, “[Selleck is] tired of the grind, and the show just takes more and more out of him every season.”

But a Selleck rep and Tom himself have denied the claims of his impending departure and discussed his plans for the future of his tenure on the show.

An official spokesperson stated briefly, “Tom is not retiring. End of story.”

In contrast, Selleck told People in 2020 that he believed there was “a lot of life in the show [Blue Bloods]” so long as people were allowed to develop and “become older.”

When asked in another interview if he planned to leave the show before it ended, Selleck elaborated, “Let me explain that it’s not like you can get a new detective and bring him to the family dinner table.”

Eyesight concerns

Image source: Wikimedia

The actor has reportedly been having trouble seeing, as reported by National Enquirer.

The tabloid speculated about his eyesight after one of its insiders allegedly saw him at an eye doctor’s office in Los Angeles.

The article stated that the star’s declining eyesight was caused by the rheumatoid arthritis medication he was taking.

“That puffy chipmunk look in his face is a sign of someone who’s been on steroids, commonly used to treat that condition,” a medical expert allegedly said. “The side effects are cataracts and glaucoma – and in the worst cases it can lead to blindness!”

A close friend of the actor claims that his vision has worsened since the doctor’s appointment, and that the doctor suspects he has glaucoma or cataracts, both of which can cause blindness. An actor’s rep has since replied to the rumors, saying their client is actually doing great.

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