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Tiny Home Enthusiast Stuns the World with $35,000 Build Under 300 sq ft – It’s a Must-See!

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Tiny Home Enthusiast Stuns the World with $35,000 Build Under 300 sq ft – It’s a Must-See!

The tiny house’s owner has spoken out about the challenges she faced and the ways in which she overcame them with a budget of only $35,000.

The bungalow was constructed by Precious Price in the backyard of the bigger house that she had previously purchased.

The interior of the Atlanta, Georgia, mansion appears to be very roomy.

In 2020, she began construction and completed it in 2021.

Adding numerous windows, Precious created a sense of “light, airy, and open” in the room.

“You don’t feel like you’re in a shed, you actually feel like you’re in a house,” she said in a video.

It doesn’t look like you’re in a shed, either.

There is a full bathroom and a compact kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator and sink in the house.

Precious finds the loft area to be the only cramped part of the tiny dwelling.

As she ascended the ladder leading to her bed, she complained that the loft’s ceiling was little too low, limiting her options to “lay down and sleep.”


After settling into the tiny house, she thought it would be a good idea to rent out the bigger house on the site to supplement her income.

She rented out the modest house and made $32,000 since her job requires her to travel frequently.

With these, she can pay off the $1,200 mortgage on her little house.

Watch the full video below:


The young genius Luke Thiull is only 13 years old and he is not an average one. While most kids think of their crush in school, or gym class, Luke was busy building something incredible.

For the cost of an Iphone, Luke from Iowa built his dream house in his backyard.

What most teens do is stick their heads in computer and smartphone screens, but not Luke. He decided to show a little sweat in the more traditional way.

After a lot of though, planning and research, Luke finalised his idea to paint it alive in reality.

It took him about a year to get all the funds necessary, as well as materials to build the dream house. For the funds he mowed lawns, did fundraisers and did anything he could to raise the investment, just like a true CEO!

He got a bit of help on the electrics around the house from a guy who he helped clean his garage for him. Jack of all trades!

He explains it all in this video.

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Where you impressed by these genius minds that were able to build beautiful tiny homes on a budget?

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