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This Video From Alan Watts Will Help You To No Longer Fear Death

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This Video From Alan Watts Will Help You To No Longer Fear Death

Have you asked yourself, how we came to be here on this planet? We’re some kind of creatures living on a tiny little rock, floating through space at, like, thousands of miles an hour. But most importantly, how did we come to be here? How did it all start?

Far back in distant past there was a supernova. One type of supernova is caused by the “last hurrah” of a dying massive star. This happens when a star at least five times the mass of our sun goes out with a fantastic boom, and just like any human being, the star dies, but some die in a violent explosions. From that point, the explosion scatters cloud and dust.

The Sun and the planets formed together around 4.6 billion years ago from a cloud of gas and dust called the solar nebula. A shock wave from a nearby supernova explosion initiated the collapse of the solar nebula. The Sun formed in the center, and the planets formed in a thin disk orbiting around it.

This process takes millions of years to form, way more than the life of a human being. However, the whole process of dying and rebirth happens not just here on Earth, but to planets as well.

We are literally the creation of starts. The stardust creates the planet, and the planets create human beings over hundreds of thousands of years. This being said, we are stars in human form.

A lot of us fear that everything is going to end one day especially when we are getting older. Old people think about death way more than young people, because they are closer to the unknown, and it makes sense to be scared.

But, who told us that we’ll live forever?

We share a beautiful experience, all of us, and that’s the time we’re given to live our lives.

We are here to think, feel and explore for a tiny limited amount of time. Then we are gone.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin

Why do we write inspirational articles, or share this kind of videos? Well, life is beautiful when we’re living every second of it, and philosophers like Alan Watts shows the importance of every tickling second in life.

Things come and go, and it’s up to us, as a human sponges, to suck every lesson and experience out of them, whether they are good or bad. We can get the lesson out of almost anything if we dare to look. Death is just what makes it all extraordinary.

Image source: Akira the Don

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