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This Optical Illusion Reveals If You Are Too Self Critical

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This Optical Illusion Reveals If You Are Too Self Critical

Optical illusions are very common because they can deceive your mind into seeing something that is not actually there or fail to detect the apparent.

The human mind is amazing and has many different functions.

This explains why different people have varied perspectives on the same things.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter if anything is correct or wrong; rather, it just matters how we interpret the world.

That also applies to optical illusions, such as the one below that assesses your level of self-criticism.

When user Mia Yillin (@mia_yillin) posted this on TikTok, it generated a lot of interest and views.

Image courtesy of @mia_yillin on TikTok

How self-critical are you?

Indeed, the picture conceals two images. One depicts a crow sitting atop a rock, while the other features a man’s face formed out of tiny boulders stacked on top of one another.

Mia clarified the significance of noticing the face or the crow initially.

The Crow: You have a reputation for being judgmental if the crow is the first thing you noticed. Mia, however, asserts that while this could initially appear to be a critique, it’s not always a terrible thing. She continues by saying that you probably find yourself accidentally forming strong ideas about other people. But you also have exceptionally good intuition, so the majority of the time your guesses and suspicions turn out to be accurate.

The Face: If you saw the face first, you are too self-critical, and that’s a type of a protection mechanism for you. This is a result of your intense anxiety of being despised or turned away by people in your immediate vicinity. Mia said that these people should do all in their ability to avoid letting the self-critical and self-sabotaging ideas linger on your way of finding yourself and being the person you want to be.

As always, Internet users were quick to let Mia know if her interpretations of the optical illusion she provided were accurate.

@mia_yilin The first thing you see in this picture can say a lot about your personality! #personalitytest #psychologyfacts #entertainment #funfacts #fyp #fypシ #trending #chinesewithmia #mia_yilin #fortune #fengshui #china #chinese #Asian #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Mia Yilin 💖

Someone claimed that she did everything perfectly.

However, several others didn’t agree.

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