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This Is Why Certain “Angel Numbers” Keep Showing Up In Your Life


This Is Why Certain “Angel Numbers” Keep Showing Up In Your Life

Contrary to popular belief, we are not actually completely alone in the earthly journey of life. We all have about three guardian angels to guide us through the swirling vortex of terror that is life, that send us signs to do the same. A lot of people often talk about how they come across certain combinations of numbers everywhere. This is not a mere coincidence. This discussion has existed since time immemorial, and we have all heard of the discipline of numerology, which basically talks about the divine significance of the connection between numbers and life events.

There are certain combinations of numbers that are generally signs from our guardian angels and these are known as angel numbers.

111 – 11:11

This angel combination is a very powerful one. If you happen to come across it while going about your day, the moment you see it is the right moment to attempt to change your dreams into tangible reality. The presence of this number also denotes that the moment is right for moving forward, and the risks you take will be balanced and healthy. It is a signification of great opportunity and change.

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222 – 22:22

222 is the angel number combination of metaphorical farming. When you come across this combination frequently, it is the Universe’s sign to you to continue whatever you are doing, because even if your small efforts do not seem to be much at the moment, they will amount to a lot in the future, when you will realize that you had put in work exactly when you needed to. If you notice this number everywhere, it means that you are walking on the right path and this is just a message from the guardian angels to confirm the same. Keep planting seeds at your job or relationships or any area in your life and get ready for a rich harvest in your near future!


This number is a number of fulfilled wishes and prayers that have been heard and answered. This number appearing frequently in front of you is a “go ahead” from your spiritual guide to chase your dreams and just move forward in the path of progress. This number signifies encouragement and support to keep walking in the direction of doing and accomplishing exactly what you are supposed to in your life.


This particular number sequence is the favorite number sequence of the angels. Seeing this number is a good sign in every situation. Say you receive a call that you had been waiting for, or a letter, or a job interview and you come across the number sequence or it is scheduled at 4:44 or if you just happen to look at the clock and it says 4:44, it means that you are moving in the right direction and everything will work out for the best.


This number sequence is a sequence of transition and change. Finding this number around you means that your angels are aware that you are going through a time of change that you might not be particularly comfortable with, but in the end it will be okay and you will settle in just fine. This sequence is a denotation of reassurance, that your guardian angels have your back and you will come out the other side much better for the experience and stronger than ever.


The number sequence of 666 is the angel number sequence of beauty, balance and integrity. It is a signification of trying to get more beauty and balance in your life. If you come across this number often, it can also be a sign that you need balance in your life, say in the form of a balanced diet or a more balanced schedule. 666 is also the number of sacrifice, denoting the sacrifice one has to make, to bring in balance.


This is the angel number sequence of spirituality. Finding this number frequently means that you are on a spiritual journey and are looking into your inner self in the pool of spirituality, that we all have in ourselves.


This is the number of abundance. The abundance could be of anything; love, success, money – you name it. It is the universe’s way of telling you that there will be abundance, as you are destined for it, and if you have an abundance of things, spread it around as what goes around, comes around.


The number 9 is the number of completion and ending things. Not in a negative way, but in a sense of completion of things. It is not just a mere coincidence that a baby takes nine months to be born. You are most likely to come across this number when you are underway a difficult project that is testing you or as a reminder that you will finish the task at hand and get everything done.

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