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This Is How Your Mind Works Based On The Pattern You Pick

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This Is How Your Mind Works Based On The Pattern You Pick

A lot goes on in peoples’ minds when they choose something. The way we choose reflects our thought process.

Here are some patterns and their relevance to how your mind works:

1. Clear and Distinct

This is a pattern where it resembles a simple idea having different parameters and joining together to form a simple thought. It shows that you don’t like to complicate things unnecessarily and would want to keep every part of your idea very clear. Whenever you see a complicated thing, you always break it down and simplify it. You don’t jump to a conclusion without analyzing the problem.

2. Interlinked

This kind of pattern consists of umpteen numbers of lines. The design is very intricate and it is not perceptible by all. If this is the pattern that you choose then your mind is set for delving deeper into intricate issues. Even if a thing is very simple, your mind would hesitate to believe it. You tend to have a very practical mind and you usually come up with well thought out solutions.

3. Bold and Straight

This is a pattern which has less complication and can be easily understood at a glance. Every line in this pattern is very prompt and boldly stands out. If you have chosen this pattern then it means that you are a very straightforward person and you don’t like to meddle with complications. You are very courageous and a person who is very open about his thoughts and feelings. You are content with the simplicity of life.

4. Layered and Complex

This is a pattern which is a bit of an oxymoron. It is simple yet complicated. The complexity arises as many geometric rules are applied in this pattern. It also takes a lot of time to understand it. If you have chosen this pattern then it means that not only do you have a complex mind but also a multi-layered one. It adds mystery to your personality and makes you more appealing.

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5. Solution Oriented

This pattern is also complex but not very hard to understand. No lines are hidden in this pattern and if a person follows a line, it would surely lead to the next one. If you have chosen this particular pattern then it means that you are good at analyzing situations. You are not the person who loses their focus easily and spends their time in finding the clearest of solutions.

6. Extroverted

This pattern is not limited by boundaries. It shows how a design can be both creative yet so simple. If you have chosen this pattern then it means that you think from a third person’s perspective. Your actions and thoughts are very well coordinated. There is nothing that you hide from the world. You are very transparent and you are exactly the same person you show that world to be.

7. Introverted

To a certain extent, this kind of a pattern is limited by boundaries. This pattern is very well crafted. This has multiple lines which come out of the middle. If you are a person who has chosen this pattern then it means that you are not as open as you think you are. But you are very self-aware and it helps in perfecting your personality. You are the kind of person who has created his own inner world and you struggle a lot to come out of it. The idea of meeting new people haunts you. The outer personality of yours is a creation of your inner one.

8. Creative and Perfectionist

This is the most elegant looking pattern of all. If you are the person who has chosen this particular pattern then it reflects your want for the finer things in life. You are one of those people who barely make mistakes. Your work shows the amount of thought that has been put into it. People come to you for a solution as you are habituated to think in a straight and a clear way without any fuss. This creative side of yours adds to the perfection of your work and to you, your creativity is something that you can never stop appreciating.

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