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36 Second Video Shows The Shocking Effects Of Photoshop On A Model’s Body

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36 Second Video Shows The Shocking Effects Of Photoshop On A Model’s Body

Most of us know that people nowadays live two separate lives, especially those who are instagram kings and queens. One is personal, and the second is portrayed to the others through Social Networks like Instagram.

Sadly, as time goes by the second one is taking more and more space from our lives.

We have seen the Photoshop fails and heard Jennifer Lawrence tells the truth: “Of course it’s Photoshop. People don’t look like that,” but it can be shocking to see the actual effects in real time.

This short clip shows how much an effect a computer can have on a model’s body: through stretching, airbrushing, and making her thin with few clicks on the mouse, making her look unrealistic.

The time-lapse video is from It gathered attention for the site’s demand for a disclaimer to accompany any and all airbrushing that is done to a model’s body.

We all know that digitally-altered photos cannot be avoided in the fashion industry, but we hope that the changes aren’t this intense. But they are more than that.

We agree with many of the comments on the video, that the model was beautiful to begin with, but we have to be alert that what we see on Instagram are fairytales made in photoshop.

Don’t get caught in that cycle of “beauty”, because you will never be enough.

Watch the video below to see:

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