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This Incredible Talent Is Drumming On Buckets And The Sound Is Mesmerizing

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This Incredible Talent Is Drumming On Buckets And The Sound Is Mesmerizing

This guy rocks on those buckets, and it will mesmerize you!

Bucket drumming is also called street drumming because mostly street musicians use it. It is a style of music that involves (as the name says) drumming on plastic buckets to create melodies.

The most famous object street musicians use are five-gallon plastic buckets but also other objects can be used like bottles, pots and pans.

History of the bucket drumming

It is unclear where bucket drumming became a thing, but street musicians have been around forever, and they have been very smart to select few materials in their surrounding and produce a beautiful sound out of it. That’s the beauty of talent!

In 1980’s, plastic buckets were an object that was available in large amounts. Also, plastic buckets are very easy to be transported (of course, when they are empty) and it’s very easy for street musicians to set them up. Many of them, including Gordo bellow, use the bucket to sit on them, which is a win-win situation!

It seems that bucket drumming first appeared in New York City in the 1980’s. You could find street performers drumming on buckets and producing beautiful melodies along the streets and subway tunnels.

It’s been said that Larry Wright, a well-known New York City busker is credited as the first major drummer to use five gallon plastic buckets instead of a normal drum kit.

Today it’s not that hard to find bucket drummers. You can find bucket drummers busking in many metropolitan areas around America, including Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.

One major talent that went viral all over the internet is Gordo, and he is a well-known bucket drummer from Sydney.

In the video bellow he shows just a short snippet of his talent.

Make sure to follow this amazing talent on his Facebook Page and YouTube Channel!

Watch the incredible video bellow:

Back in Sydney busking!!! Also I will be in the USA later this year so if you want to book me this is your chance! I hope everyone has had a good year so far><

Posted by Gordo on Saturday, April 9, 2016

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