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This Guy’s Reaction To Asians Unusual Talents Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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This Guy’s Reaction To Asians Unusual Talents Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

In February 1968 Andy Warhol exhibited his first international retrospective exhibition at the Moderna Museet gallery in Stockholm. The exhibition catalog contained “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”. It is far and away from the best-known quotations attributed to Warhol, but it is probably the only comment that most people know.

The repetitious phrase began to bore Warhol in later years when interviewers kept poking him about it. In 1979 he did repeat it though, claiming that the line had truth – “my prediction from the sixties finally came true: In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”.

Thanks to social media, his predictions were true!

Many people struggle to show their talent to the world. But today it’s easier to shine, especially with so many social networks and people hungry for entertainment. We all get a chance to those 15 minutes.

One hilarious grimace artist just made the world laugh through his social platforms. He did that by choosing something very different…

Julio Janpierre is a simple 26-year-old-guy from Puerto Rico, a special place that has tons of talented artists, but his talent is studying people.

He wants to understand the world and the way of being of people. He is very sentimental and it is very difficult for him to hide his feelings from his expressions.

He think’s that his mood defines his creativity. And he enjoys every moment of his life in his way.

Julio is the winner of Fun Off Contest from 9GAG.

It all changed for Julio when he made the Chinese reaction video that went super viral all over the networks.

It is really strange to look at these Asians unusual talents, but his grimaces is what made them hilarious.

Thanks to Julio Janpierre for this amazing video! Make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page and YouTube Channel!

Watch the hilarious video bellow:

Incredible Talent

They are Out of this world! 😱 For More videos 👽Follow Julio Janpierre

Posted by Julio Janpierre on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

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