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A Man Plays The Piano To Bring Peace To A Blind Elephant Who Has Suffered

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A Man Plays The Piano To Bring Peace To A Blind Elephant Who Has Suffered

A man plays the piano to a blind elephant, and it’s heartwarming!

In the introduction part of the video, Paul Barton can be seen standing with an elephant behind him.

He said that the elephant is named Lam Duan, which means “tree with yellow flowers.” The elephant is completely blind for the last few decades.

He’s was about to play some piano music by Sebastian Bach.

Once his fingers pressed the piano keys, Lam Duan was seen walking before slowing down, clearly looking for the source of the music.

The camera zoomed to the elephant’s face and one can decipher multiple emotions radiating from it.

As the beat started to quicken, Lam Duan can be seen rocking her head left and right for a bit before stopping.

It was clear she was enjoying the beautiful music as she moved her head again.

She made a move to walk away when the music stopped but when Paul started playing for the second time, she can be seen moving backwards to listen to the melody again.

Anyone can see that she was mesmerized and lost in her own thoughts.

In the third part of the video, the beat turned into something catchier and Lam Duan can be seen visibly dancing to the upbeat tone.

Her head and entire body were moving sidewards before staying motionless again.

Lam Duan has probably never heard piano music before and that curiosity might be the main reason why she stood still and figured out what it meant.

She was probably used to the sounds made by the woods; the roar of the river current and multiple animal sounds.

One thing is certain however: it goes to show that anyone can enjoy music. It’s the universal language, no matter how big or small you are.

Thanks to Paul Barton for this amazing video. Make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page!

Watch this incredible video bellow (he starts to perform on the 0:25 seconds)

Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant

Lam Duan is the name of an old blind elephant, her name means “Tree with Yellow Flowers”. Lam Duan has been blind most of her life.

Posted by Paul Barton on Saturday, 30 June 2018

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