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This Brilliant 10-Year-Old Kid Will Make Your Day With His Speech


This Brilliant 10-Year-Old Kid Will Make Your Day With His Speech

Just when I saw the video where this kid talks about the Pineal Gland, I knew that he had a future with his knowledge and way of thinking. It turns out I was right!

King Nahh is now 12 yr old Motivational Speaker, Artist, and Actor.

By tapping into his Inner Nobility, this inspiring 3rd grader recognizes that we are all in possession of a portion of a force that is to be reckoned with.

At 8 years of age, King Nahh has sat in with local civic leaders as they discussed addressing the issues that plague inner city communities, developed solution oriented programs (such as Youth Television Film and Press at the H.U.B.B.), products (such as a music CD, a motivational DVD, t-shirts, etc.) and services (such as motivational & public speaking).

A while ago, Nyeeam (NYE-eem) Hudson, who was 10 years old at that time, was playing in a park in New Jersey when another kid started to tease him about the FILA shoes he was wearing, which he thought were “not cool”.

We all had these sort of moments in our childhood, but I don’t think either of us reacted the way this young genius did.

Nyeeam’s reaction was rather unusual for his age.

King Nahh calmly said to the kid “These sneakers aren’t even going to fit 20 years from now,” and tried to teach him that what’s important is “inside your mind: your wisdom, your knowledge, your power to inspire others.”

The video he recorded after the incident went viral. The reason was kinda obvious: you just don’t get a chance every day to hear 10 year old kids speaking about wisdom and knowledge.

King Nahh addresses the issue to parents around the entire world, and his message was loud and clear: “Do not raise materialistic children.”

Take a look at this amazing video bellow and make sure to like his page and subscribe to his Youtube Channel!

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Posted by KING NAHH on Monday, 24 October 2016

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