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8 Years Old Boy Stuns The World With His Knowledge About Pineal Gland And TV Brainwash

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8 Years Old Boy Stuns The World With His Knowledge About Pineal Gland And TV Brainwash

What is a Pineal Gland?

Humans are bestowed with a certain part of their brain known as the pineal gland or also known as our third eye. The reason as to why it is called pineal is for it’s shape, like a pine cone.

A tiny pine cone that is in charge of producing serotonin derivative melatonin that has to deal with our hormones that affect the modulation of sleep/wake patterns, including our seasonal functions.

This tiny pine cone can be found near the center of the brain in place between the two hemispheres.

The reason as to why higher up’s keep this information from people is so they do not find out the fullest potential that this part of us has.

The pineal gland is essentially the portal between the physical and spiritual world for humans. When activated, the sensation of euphoria and oneness fills the persons mind, giving them a sense of all knowing. One can achieve this activation through yoga, meditation and variety of other occult methods.

Once activated, that person is able to freely travel to other dimensions, or otherwise referred to as astral projection or remote viewing.

Through ancient methods and advance practices, one could even control the thoughts and actions of other people in the physical world.

What’s the connection between Pineal Gland and this kid?

First we must conclude that this kid is 8 years old!

When I talk to some of my friends about the Third Eye, and the immense power it holds, I feel like I am talking to a wall! They are all skeptics to grasp the real power we all possess.

This kid looks like he has knowledge from “out of this world.” It’s really unbelievable that this 8-year-old kid knows such a detailed description about the Pineal gland and TV brainwash.

I don’t want to ruin the watch, just hear this kid out. It’s something you may never hear from your friends and family!

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