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This 96-Year-Old Lady’s Home Looks Normal From The Outside But The Inside Will Blow You Away

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This 96-Year-Old Lady’s Home Looks Normal From The Outside But The Inside Will Blow You Away

A 96-year-old Toronto resident was selling her two-story house in Bloor West Village, a West Toronto area…

Even her neighbors were unaware of the surprise she had been hiding inside the house, which didn’t appear unusual from the outside.

The house was beautifully and carefully furnished in the ideal manner, incorporating the greatest elements of the 1950s and 1960s from floor to ceiling. We’re talking about neo-ornate magnificence, colorful carpeting, metallic wallpaper, contemporary baroque patterns, and much, much more.

The homeowner, a 96-year-old seamstress, had always had a deep love for interior design but was unable to pursue it as a career. She and her family tenderly preserved the home’s historic charm and quirks for seventy-two years, despite her advanced years.


The interior was still in immaculate shape.

This 96-year-old woman’s Toronto house appears quite normal from the outside.

Just a two-story rock and brick house. Nothing at all exceptional, is that correct?

Just wait, though.

The old homeowner worked as a knitter and seamstress in the past.

Despite never having had any training, at the age of 96, she is now receiving the acclaim she is due as an interior designer.


This two-story detached home is perfectly designed in a retro 1960s style from floor to ceiling.

Take a peek at the pretty floral wallpaper!


“I like soft colors and things that match and flow well together,” the homeowner stated. “Bright colors are not my style; tone on tone is.”

Her choice of cool and warm pastel colors combined with pastel textures and designs makes this clear.


It’s clear that she likes to employ sea foam, aqua, pink, and purple in the interior design of her house.

The kitchen also features unique cabinet hardware and incredibly weird light fittings.


Can you picture yourself slaving away in a kitchen like that?

And who doesn’t adore a spot for breakfast?


These charming tiny eating spaces are ideal for your quiet morning coffee and date back to the Brady Bunch era.

The main bedroom has a fuchsia sofa, lilac walls, purple carpeting, and a vibrant, striking gemstone purple color scheme. suited, of course, for someone who would rather live a life suited for a king or queen.

Admire the striking emerald velour on that chair in the corner, the copper and gold mirror, and those exquisite built-ins.


There are fascinating touches of color and texture everywhere you look!

The daughter of the homeowner recalls how the hue pink completed her mother’s style.


She loved this cozy living room the most in the house, of course!


The family bathroom has beige walls and matte gold accents with hints of pink as well.


Here, in her sewing studio, the style maven displays her affinity for the colors orange and purple.

While some would consider this color scheme to be garish, we believe it’s brave!

A gorgeous, roomy basement with wood paneling is a must for any retro house.

It still has that retro appearance, but it also feels like a real playroom.

The bathroom in the basement has a charming lilac sink and an ingenious accordion shower stall door.

The wallpaper with vertical stripes is also a great touch, in our opinion.

A fully functional laundry room in the basement as well? This house truly has everything. The refrigerator is located in the same room as the laundry machine, so you can easily prepare a snack while doing laundry!


There’s a great outside area with a swan planter and Astroturf outside. Lots of space for gardening, outdoor barbecues, and lawn sports. Isn’t it enough to visualize a charming small metal table with a jug of sweet tea?


With a charming little garden shed painted a gentle mint tone, there’s more than enough space for an entire family to enjoy being outside. I wonder if that shed’s interior is as luxurious?


Nobody on the street ever discussed the house or had any idea of what was inside.


However, amazing design and its 96-year-old decorator and custodian are now widely known.

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