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These ‘Puppies’ Found Under An Old Mattress Aren’t What They First Seemed

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These ‘Puppies’ Found Under An Old Mattress Aren’t What They First Seemed

Nothing unusual happened when he decided to clean the garden, until he found five puppies hiding under an old mattress.

He took them to an animal shelter, where the staff was shocked to learn a week later that the puppies he had taken in were not dogs at all…

Find out exactly what they were.

Source: Facebook/Craig McGettrick

Craig Mcgettrick was cleaning the garden with a coworker. As they were doing some spring cleaning around the house, they found across an old, dirty mattress.

Something was discovered when they decided to move the mattress. It turned out to be a den of five small animals hiding out under the bed.

Craig’s first theory was that somebody knew we would be picking up trash from that spot and decided to leave the animals there…

Source: Facebook/Craig McGettrick

After uploading a few photos with the critters to social media, the guy decided they should go to a shelter so they could get the care they needed.

The puppies were packed up in a box and taken by Craig to an animal shelter.

The plot took an unexpected turn, however, when the founder of a fox organization came upon Craig’s social media posts featuring himself with the small animals.

The group’s creator explained that a “really sweet lady” had contacted them through Facebook, showing pictures of what she believed to be fox cubs and asking if there was any way that they weren’t.

Once I saw the pictures, I knew for sure these were fox cubs.

All the employees at the animal shelter took the five to be sleeping canines.

The national fox club claims that a mother fox used the mattress as a den to nurture her young.

They decided to try to find a way to get the baby chicks back to their mom, but they had no idea how.

It was decided that the cubs should be returned to Craig’s garden, where the mattress had originally been, so they were packed up and put into a box.

They were taken aback when they saw a fox charging the container. After a careful examination, the fox mother took the chicks and ran off.

They’d thrive more if raised by their natural mother in the wild rather than at an animal shelter.

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