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These 8 Types of Men Will Destroy Your Life If You Marry Them


These 8 Types of Men Will Destroy Your Life If You Marry Them

Look, despite what Hollywood might have told us, we have to remember that the perfect guy simply does not exist! He is only a myth that books and movies are being sold about all around the world. It would do you a world of good if you accepted this and moved on since this is just what the reality is.

Also, it is essential to remember that a marriage is not just a temporary thing, so the decision making process must be thorough; you have to make sure you take your rose tinted glasses off and realize the red flags that are staring you in the face. If you generally have a problem doing this particular thing, let me help you by telling you exactly what you do NOT want.

1. Men Who Think of Women as an Object

I do not think this needs much explanation. You will not be happy with someone so misogynistic that they think that women are just sexual objects and the sole purpose of their existence is to be pleasing to the eyes and body. You will find no support in difficult times if you do end up with someone like this. All they will ever care about is your physical beauty, which, by the way, fades.

2. Selfish Men

You would be doing yourself and a selfish man both a favor by choosing not to be with him because that way he can do what he does best all the time, which is caring only about himself. He does not care about anyone else and he never will, so a life with him is just going to be an endless cycle of you being dissatisfied and him just taking care of himself.

3. Materialistic Men

For a man like this, the first priority will always be money and worldly possessions. If being with you on your birthday would mean that he has to miss meetings and therefore money, be rest assured that you will always spend your birthday alone. Look, you need someone to genuinely care about you and he never will.

4. The Men Who Always Want to Party

Having a good time is no sin but if one does not get serious about their lives and trying to make something out of themselves, they should do it alone. If you end up being with someone who only wants to go to the club and get drunk, the rest of your life will go haywire. A plan is necessary and he will never have one.

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5. Ultra-dominating Men

The woman of today has risen after being sidelined and dominated by men for a long time, which is why this certain characteristic is not particularly attractive. You really do not want a man telling you how to live your life for the rest of it, especially someone who refuses to get with the times. You do you, girl!

6. Insecure Men

A little jealousy is cute and even healthy but a bit too much is a blazing red flag. If the dude does not take your male friends too well, you would be saving yourself from a really toxic relationship and marriage if you were to let him go. You will always need friends, and the guy who cares more about you than his ego will understand.

7. Men Who Cannot Commit

He has to commit to you and all that a marriage is about. If he does not, remember that you can do better, because you really can. A marriage is not something you can half ass; in fact, a marriage is not something anyone should half ass. If he does not make you feel like he is in it for the good and the bad, say goodbye.

8. The One that Always Jokes

Everyone likes a funny dude but if jokes are the only things that escape his mouth, maybe he is not the right one. If you are marrying someone, you should be able to have real, meaningful conversations with them, without them trying to make a joke out of everything. This basically means that he is not serious about you and you know what to do about that.

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