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These 5 Warning Signs Will Help You Spot A Psychopath

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These 5 Warning Signs Will Help You Spot A Psychopath

Hollywood has fed us with several major movies with psychopaths in them. Sometimes, they are presented in such a way that we almost fall in love with them. But like always, Hollywood is just showing you half-truths.

Psychopaths are nothing like they show you in the movies. But that doesn’t mean psychopaths aren’t real. They are real and walk among all of us, hidden in plain sight. Actually, every 100 people living in the world are potential psychopaths! So, it’s really necessary for us to read the signs of a psychopath and take care of ourselves.

1. They can be really charming

Psychopaths are known all around for their charm. They are really friendly. They can almost read your mind it seems, and be kind and helpful only towards you. And as with all friends, you’d probably let your walls down around them. But that’s exactly what psychopaths want. Once you let your walls down, you are vulnerable and open for the psychopath to make his attack. Psychopaths have a great ability to study people and, once your weaknesses are out in the open, they will start using it against you. In professional life, they are really successful because of this reason.

So if you come across a charming and exceptionally great person, an out-of-the-world kind of a guy, don’t let your walls down that fast. Spend some time and learn more about them.

2. They can be pathological liars

Lying is terrible but it’s not bad if you are a psychopath. Psychopaths have a natural tendency to lie. And maybe we can’t even blame them for it – they almost have a compulsion to lie. When they can hold a truth from others and keep it to themselves, they feel a sense of power related to it. And this sense is so strong that they have almost become blind to their own conscience. At times they can even lie for no reason; while there’s no profit that they would get from it!

If you are with someone who prides in holding the truth from you and lying anytime, sometimes for no reason at all, there are some tendencies of a psychopath hidden within them.

3. Having a superiority complex

Normal people don’t please psychopaths. They are really detached from any normal feelings like conscience or emotions. Actually, psychopaths dislike normal people and hate how normal people are influenced by their emotions. They find emotions stupid. On top of that, they have a superiority complex. They feel like normal people are beneath them in some way. It’s the reason why they never feel anything wrong with whatever they do to others, even if it’s terrible for another person.

If there’s someone who’s always making you feel inferior, showing no compassion or hates it when you’re emotional, that person is showing clear signs of psychopathic behavior.

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4. They can make you feel like you are guilty

Psychopaths have the ability to read a person really well. This is a special skill but they use it for all the wrong reasons. They will note down all the little details about you mentally and they would start using it against you. They can capture these little details even if you haven’t told them about it and, in some twisted way, they’ll make you feel guilty about it and influence you to give them what they want. This is an extremely manipulative behavior which the psychopaths use in their favor. Do you really then wonder why 3-4% of the upper echelons of several companies have psychopaths as their head?

If you find someone picking up little details about you, even if you haven’t told them about it and using it against you, it’s time to reconsider the relationship.

5. They have no empathy for others

Psychopaths do not have a conscience. They do not feel emotional about things or people. In fact, they hate it. Since they can’t process emotions very well, they can bring you down and yet not feel anything bad about doing so. They might see that you are hurt, but they won’t feel it within them. For them, empathy is unnatural.

If a person does not feel any guilt in what they are doing and has no empathy about it, most likely they’re a psychopath.

If you have any of the above traits in you, don’t panic and visit the doctor. Only if you have all the traits could you pass the test of being a psychopath. But as you can see – being in a relationship with a psychopath would be terrible and emotionally draining. So, remember these and try to take note of what signs to spot so that you don’t get in too deep with a psychopath. Best of luck!

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