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These 3 Bad Habits Actually Prove You Are Really Intelligent, According to Science


These 3 Bad Habits Actually Prove You Are Really Intelligent, According to Science

Are you someone who happens to be quite messy, loves to stay up late at night and swears a lot? Well, according to science you actually happen to be quite an intelligent person!

Despite how bizarre it sounds, as people usually consider these signs “a bad etiquettes and someone who is nothing more than a failure”, this is exactly what the recent studies claims to be signs of intelligence.

Staying up late

According to researchers, we have the ability to ignore our inbuilt clock and alter the rhythm. Basically, animals have a thing known as the circadian rhythm. It informs them when to sleep, when to wake up, when to eat, etc. Humans have this rhythm too.

However, we humans have the ability to alter the rhythm, and this is exactly how we can choose ourselves when to sleep and when to rise and shine!

It is believed that kids who stay up late at night happen to be more intelligent than those who don’t, so maybe being a night owl isn’t so bad after all!

Does swearing broaden the vocabulary?

According to another research, it has been proved that people who swear, have an extensive vocabulary.

According to the research, they sat down people aged between 18-22 and asked them to name some taboo words that started with specific letters in a set amount of time. These people were then asked to name animals in the same way.

It turns out people who were aware of more swear words had an overall better and extensive vocabulary than the ones who don’t swear.

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Swearing isn’t only a great way of expanding your vocabulary, but researchers claim them swearing allows us to relieve pain and stress. You feel relieved both emotionally and physically as well.

If swearing helps us take the blues away, it might not be that bad after all.

Being messy isn’t all that bad!

And the last research that was carried out happens to be quite a game changer! Does your mother always complained about how messy your room was? Well, then you might want to show her this.

According to a psychologist at the University of Minnesota people who have messy rooms have creative thoughts and ideas. All the people who are extremely messy tend to think out of the box.

Basically if your clothes are on the floor all around the room, instead of being in your closet, then you happen to think differently than others do. If your desk is cluttered then your mind must be cluttered with thoughts too, and that’s not a bad thing, is it? It is better than having an empty desk and an empty mind at least!

Instead of worrying about how messy you are, and what people must think of you because you swear a lot and you are lazy, think about how intelligent and creative you are instead!

Think outside the box, come up with more creative ideas, and change how things work around you!

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