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“The Tsunami from Heaven” – Timelapse Shows Storm Dumping Tonnes Of Water

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“The Tsunami from Heaven” – Timelapse Shows Storm Dumping Tonnes Of Water

Omgg that amount massive amount of water! I always have thought we are very fragile, and this just confirmed that. Nature is pure power and in a matter of seconds it can kill us without letting any trace!

microburst is an intense small-scale downdraft produced by a thunderstorm or rain shower. There are two types of microbursts: wet microbursts and dry microbursts. They go through three stages in their cycle, the downburst, outburst, and cushion stages also called “Suriano’s Stroke”. A microburst can be particularly dangerous to aircraft, especially during landing, due to the wind shear caused by its gust front. Several fatal and historic crashes have been attributed to the phenomenon over the past several decades, and flight crew training goes to great lengths on how to properly recover from a microburst/wind shear event.

A microburst often has high winds that can knock over fully grown trees. They usually last for seconds to minutes.

A Wet Microburst In Timelapse Filmed by Peter Maier

An amateur filmmaker Peter Maier captured the incredible spectacle of a massive storm dumping tonnes of water into a beautiful Alpine lake.

27-year-old Peter Maier, who is from Switzerland, filmed the precise moment of the weather anomaly – known as a wet microburst – in a time-lapse video during a stay at the Lake Millsatt in Austria.

Maier described the moment, which he captured from a hotel terrace, as a ‘tsunami from heaven’.

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