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The Top 15 Things People Regret Most On Their Deathbed


The Top 15 Things People Regret Most On Their Deathbed

People often fear death, but actually it is not the act of dying that’s scary. All of us have to die and so it shouldn’t be feared that our time will come.

What is truly terrifying is to die with regrets of a life half-lived. Regrets about things you could’ve done and should’ve done, things that you wanted to do but you never did.

So here are the 15 things people most regret in their deathbed. Make sure that you don’t:

1. Not doing the things they loved because they didn’t have time because of a job they hated. Chasing money, hoping that you’ll get to enjoy it one day, is something that society wants you to do, not you.

2. We are always being told about the things that will make us happy. That is consumerism. We need to look inside ourselves and try and understand the essence of our own self. True happiness comes from within.

3. Knowing yourself gets easier when you know what your priorities should be in life. Your priorities are the things that make you feel happy and content, so make sure you have your priorities set right.

4. The biggest source of regret in life is the moments when one should have pushed themselves and instead they settled for what was known and comfortable. These are the defining moments of life when you could have achieved anything. Never settle for a mediocre life.

5. We are always crossing off checklists in our head or trying to keep up with the many distractions on our smartphones. We have forgotten what it is like to enjoy life in the moment. Pay attention and life in the present!

6. We never dare to do things that we wanted, just because we were too afraid of failing. But when you look at all of these instances in the hindsight, the regret would be much more than the shame of failure. Remember that, in order to success, one must first fail, and maybe even a few times.

7. This is one of the most common regret that most people have, and that is the regret of not learning a new language. It expands our views as nothing else can.

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8. Through our lives we have been taught to take certain things for granted. But it is only through learning about new people and cultures that we can expand our worldview. Don’t miss out on that.

9. Help others in every way you can. Never forget a good turn done to you. Give back and more than you can. When you finally go, leave something good for the people to remember you by.

10. Although we have always been told that sacrificing for others is a great thing, this doesn’t mean we should let others walk over us. We will have to take a stand for ourselves because no one will. Learn to draw a line and learn that sometimes you must know how to say ‘no’.

11. If you have tried it yourself, letting go of grudges is the best thing you can do for yourself. Forgive others, not for their sake, but for your own.

12. You might be spending your every waking moment dedicating it to your career. But it will never give you the same happiness as spending time with your loved ones. Mind it, when you have only a few precious breaths left, you’d wish you had more so you can be with your friends and family.

13. Another way of not taking chances is by not letting people know how you feel. We are all so afraid of being vulnerable in front of others, that we often miss great opportunities and also hurt others. It is okay to be vulnerable in front of your loved ones.

14. People waste so much time in relationships that are not good for them. Sometimes they go through years of torture and abuse because they are too scared to leave that relationship. And years later, this ends up being their biggest regret. Learn when to leave and accept that sometimes that is the best thing to do.

15. And finally, what a person regrets the most is not cherishing and taking care of the body one has. When every breath is a struggle, you long for the time when you took it for granted.

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