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5 Most Important Factors To Living A Happy Life According to the Founder of Analytical Psychology


5 Most Important Factors To Living A Happy Life According to the Founder of Analytical Psychology

Carl Jung, as most of us will know, is one of the most renowned psychologists to have ever lived, and his theories on personality, analysis and so on. In general, the human race is ultimately chasing happiness, which is often believed to be achieved by success and money, but Carl Jung was the first one to claim that happiness can be found within.

Happiness comes from different things for different people, but the ultimate way to be truly happy starts from the inner self. One has to be happy from the soul. The following tips are to do precisely that!

1. Mental and Physical Well Being

It is no secret that your physical well being can do wonders for your health as a whole. Exercise, get enough sleep and follow a balanced diet. When you do these things, your body releases endorphins, which does wonders for your mental health too. Endorphins can be achieved by eating chocolate too, but why deal with the guilt that comes with eating all those calories later on? Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature, and you will find yourself happy and satisfied.

2. Work on your Relationships

Humans need love and validation to survive. Humans need other humans. They need belongingness and harmony. It seldom happens that a lonely person is happy. One is truly happy when they share their lives with someone and have someone that they can share their happiness and sadness with. It also happens that we find happiness in making people we love happy. We find a sense a fulfillment when we see that someone we love is happy because we made them feel that way. It is not possible that you get along with everyone you meet but work on your relationships to find true happiness.

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3. See Beauty around you

Happiness is a long shot when we don’t really take a second to take everything around us in and appreciate how beautiful nature is. Take some time off of running after deadlines and take a walk in the open, eat lunch in a garden, spend a night camping. As children of Mother Nature, it is our responsibility to be grateful for the endless charm that she exudes and truly make ourselves a part of it. These things work to help us find happiness on the inside and make us feel content.

4. Enjoy Work and Life

Everyone needs to find satisfaction in their work life to find happiness. One needs to feel needed and appreciated at their work place. Once they feel satisfied, they will seamlessly blend their personal and professional lives together and work becomes fun for them. They fall in love with what they are doing and do not need to be pushed to get things done. When this happens, we tend to be more productive than usual and when we are more productive, we find ourselves happier because we feel like we are contributing to something big and achieving our purpose in our lives.

5. Something to Believe

When we talk about faith and belief, it necessarily needs not to be about uniform religion or something like that. It might just be knowing that there is something bigger than us humans above us and that there is a power that is out there. Everyone has tough phases that they go through, and in those times, a bit of faith and belief can do wonders for our mental strength and health. When we believe in something, we work on ourselves and try to make ourselves better. When we work on ourselves, we find happiness and satisfaction.

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