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The Story About A Woman Who Gives Birth In The Red Sea In Front of Tourists

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The Story About A Woman Who Gives Birth In The Red Sea In Front of Tourists

Creating a new person, and welcoming him into the world can be the most exciting and scary thing at the same time! As a new parent I know that firsthand.

Many mother are terrified of the thought that they should give birth to a child, especially when labor day is close. They know they’re about to experience pain like they never did, so doing yoga, staying active especially in the last months, is of utmost importance, as well as keeping track of the diet.

Most women would pick the hospital as a place to give birth. As a fact almost all women do, but there are some more adventurous who decide to have their babies in unusual places like a bath tub, at home, or even the ocean.

It wasn’t long ago when a woman gave birth in The Red Sea and shocked tourists who witnessed the miracle of life, but also people around the globe who read about the “real” story. Keep reading for surprise at the end of the story.

According to eye-witnesses, the family was from Russia and they had their baby in the town of Dahab, Egypt.

The Red sea separates North Africa from the Middle East and it is one of the warmest, as well as one of the saltiest waters.

The mother was helped by her partner and an older man who they speculate is a doctor.

When the tourists first heard someone screaming in agonizing pain, they thought a person is being attacked by a shark, but they realized a mother is giving birth to her child.

Giving birth in The Red Sea has to be one of the weirdest places to give birth, right?

Once the baby was out, her partner and a doctor carried the baby along with the placenta.

The crowd cheered and gave warmest congratulations to the new brave parents, especially the mother. We know how women feel and look when they give birth, but according to what we see in the picture below this woman looks like she had a light swim in the sea!

Still shocked by what happened, they left the parents to spend some time alone with their baby.

The two cuddled the baby for some time.

This just looks too good to be true right? Well, it’s because this story is fake. While many mothers gave birth in the ocean and sea, this story is just not true.

In fact, the images show the baby being bathed in the ocean several days after birth, the father has revealed. The umbilical cord and placenta had been left attached because of the alleged health benefits.

The doctor is a well-known Russian specialist in water births. The mother had opted to have her delivery in a birthing pool, but this happened inside a house before the images were taken.

So folks, don’t believe everything you see online. Do your own research!

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