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The Shape of Your Lips Says A Lot About Your Personality

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The Shape of Your Lips Says A Lot About Your Personality

Psychologists and anthropologists have decoded what your lips reveal about your personality-type.

Our lips are a storehouse of emotions. Irrespective of what emotions we feel, our lips give them off. For example: we bite our lips when we’re sad or anxious; they curve into a smile when we’re happy; even pouting is an essential way of portraying emotion.

Jean Haner, the author of The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading! who has expertly decoded these signs, is a master of the Chinese art of face reading. They speak the most about the kind of partner you are in a romantic relationship. She told Cosmopolitan magazine that your birth features say a lot about you.

The reading of your lip takes into account the plumpness, shape, size, and arrangement of the ‘cupid’s bow’. Here are a couple of shapes, and what they signify.

Naturally Full Lips

If your top and bottom lip are equally plump and spaced out, you happen to be an extremely caring individual. These types of people share their lip-shape with the goddess Angelina Jolie. Having adopted so many beautiful children, she definitely qualifies for somebody who is empathetic and nurturing. You have strong parental instincts that often make you the Mommy of the group. You keep very strong bonds with people you consider close to you, and would go to any length in order to save them from misery or harm. Your friends think you’re a blessing to have.

Thin Top And Bottom Lips

They are generally introverts. They love keeping to themselves, and are content with their own company. They do not necessarily shun the presence of others, but they can easily do without it. In relationships, they may not function as well as the previous type, but they’re still very good to go. Their choice in partners is limited to people who keep a clear mind about their interests and their goals. These people are independent, and very comfortable in their own skin. Eg: Kirsten Dunst.

Lips That Are Plumper In The Center

People with lips that are plumper in the center are vested with immense talent, and love being at the center of attention. They’re extroverts, and love socializing. They are their most natural element at parties and huge gatherings. They thrive on spice and adventure, and will never be able to shoulder a boring relationship. Constantly running after the spark, this kind does not settle easily.

Lips With A Peaked Cupid’s Bow

These people are absolute masters of creative instincts. They’re a storehouse of talent, and love proving themselves over and over again. They are very conscious of themselves, and harbor immense memory recall skills. This lip-shape also reveals a very cunning and swift mind, which is defined by its impulsive behavior.

Lips With A Rounded Cupid’s Bow

These people are very nice, and kind to other people. They have a warm aura engulfing them, and are generally soft-spoken. They are very easily affected by both the good and the bad, and remain vulnerable through out their lives. In a relationship, they pour their heart out, and expect the same dedication in return. They are amazing care-givers, and brilliant friends, because of their extremely genuine spontaneity.

Lips With An Undefined Cupid’s Bow

These people may be very trustworthy but they often forget where to stop with their emotions. Often, they appear to be too vested, and let people walk all over themselves. In the sphere of work, they are brilliant professionals, and always have a clear sense of the deadline. They hate failing, and meet every task with bold preparation. The excess energy is a boon to the workplace, but could, sometimes, be a bane in romance. Eg: Julia Roberts.

Goldilocks Lips

These are people whose lips cannot be categorized as any of the above. They’re medium-shaped. These human beings are admirable for their sense of balance. When met with an obstacle, they rationalize and solve it without a fuss. They run mostly on reason, and do not let emotions get the better of them. At the risk of coming off as cold and formal, they always tackle even the most emotional issues with a clear-headed logical approach. They’re great when it comes to long-term relationships.

An Artificially Enhanced Lip

According to the Chinese technique of face-reading, if you try to alter your facial structure, or reconstruct your original features, you’re also affecting destiny. You happen to be altering the road you were originally meant to undertake. If you add a pout, it reflects your selfishness. Plumpness hints at sensuality. Their deep-seated discomfort with their own body, can have visible manifestations in their relationships with other people. Their whimsicality, and lack of contentment make them a hard person to be with.

Which one of these lips do you have?

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