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The Real Story Behind Faith Hill And Tim Mcgraw’s Daughter Gracie’s Diagnosis

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The Real Story Behind Faith Hill And Tim Mcgraw’s Daughter Gracie’s Diagnosis

It’s heartwarming to see famous people who put family first.

“1883” stars A wonderful couple, Time McGraw and Faith Hill have experienced tragedy and hardship like any other family.

Their daughter Gracie, then 25 years old, was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in 2022. (PCOS).

They were showered with love and support at the time, and Gracie has just taken to social media to give an update on her health.

“I just wanted to share really quick that I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). To get the correct diagnosis you would need 2 out of the 5 characteristics of PCOS and I had 3.”

In the post, Gracie continued, “During my appointment with my endocrinologist I realized that may had been a factor in my issues with weight, so we decided to try a medicine to regulate my body more normally and create the tools to continue to keep my body and myself healthy as I get older.”

Gracie did not try to hide any aspect of her condition, and she said as much about the importance of mental health as well as physical: “I’m learning to navigate the new blemishes but I don’t think that I would have ever allowed myself to go to a doctors appointment like this unless I had taken the correct steps toward my mental health, because as much as physical health is important, mental goes hand and hand.”

Fans online have praised McGraw for being so open about her illness.

PCOS is a frequent endocrine disorder among women of childbearing age, according to research from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

High testosterone levels and the inability to ovulate are two symptoms of this illness in women. Ovarian cysts, albeit often tiny, are seen in some women. Excessive hair growth, acne, infertility, and weight gain are all possible side effects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

”Sending love to those who are struggling with something similar or literally anything at all. Mental health is freaking hard !! It’s a long road but we can get through it,” the star added.

“I share my experience to hope my situation has reached someone who can relate. P.S The medicine I’m taking has given me a body I haven’t had in years (maybe ever?). It’s weird to navigate but I’m finding ways to love her.”

Supporters were quick to respond to the young woman’s openness, applauding her and using superlatives like “brave” and “beautiful” to describe her.

Poor Gracie has been through a lot with her physical health. In 2021, she was called out for her physique and she embraced herself while performing a dance routine as a response to her body shamer.

“Today I looked in the mirror and was feeling fine about myself. I ended up going to a store and picked up a the largest size they had in a dress, which was an 8 btw (bs) I wear a 10, and the lady who was working in the store literally took the dress out of my hands and said ‘that’s not going to fit you’,” she wrote in the beginning of the caption. “Well first, duh because idk it’s not my size?? , and second the fact that she literally took the dress out of my hands and verbally told me that I was too big for it really made me upset,” she wrote on Instagram and continued:

“It didn’t only make me upset that she was basically calling me too big but it mostly made me upset because so many stores do this, they only put smaller sizes out and then when you try on their bigger sizes they don’t even go above your knees,” she continued. “I’ve been wearing the same jean size for two or three years now and every time I try a new brand OR EVEN THE SAME ONE I PREVIOUSLY OWN, the size 30 is somehow smaller even if my own body has stayed the same size. It’s not just pants, it’s literally EVERYTHING.”

Gracie is backed by a strong family unit that includes Tim McGraw. Tim opened up about his daughter in 2020, and the country artist expressed his overwhelming pride in her:

“Gracie, our oldest daughter, is an actress in L.A., and she makes me proud every day because she’s such a strong, independent young lady who speaks her mind.”

Gracie’s sincerity has not been compromised by her illness.

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