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The Most Touching Moment In Olympic History By Derek Redmond Will Give You Tears


The Most Touching Moment In Olympic History By Derek Redmond Will Give You Tears

It was 1992, when a young man was going for the win in 400-meter race in the Barcelona Summer Olympics. Something bad happened about 250 meters from the finish when he was steps ahead of the others. His hamstring tore, and he was in serious pain and agony.. he fell on the ground.

As stretcher bearers made their way over to him, he knew he had to decide to continue or give up on the Olympic run.

Despite the serious pain, he stood up and continued to limp on the track. Out of nowhere, a man pushed through the crowd and found his way through security on the track.

The man was his father.

“You don’t have to do this” he told his son which was in agony. “Yes, I do,” his son said. “Well then,” replied his dad, “we’re going to finish this together.”

The father wrapped his arms around his son who was in severe pain and helped him limp all the way. Shortly before the finish line, the father unwrapped his arms and let his son finish the race all by himself. This goose-bumping scene resulted a standing ovation from the crowd of 65 thousand people and was sealed as one of the most uplifting moment in Olympic history.

Despite everything that happened to Derek Redmond, he managed to finish the race. He was in agony and pain, and if you had your hamstring tore before, you know that it’s almost impossible to continue to even stand on your feet.

Parents are always there for us. No matter what happens we always address the issue with our parents. They are our creators and guardian angels.

Knowing that he couldn’t call his father in the moment of agony, Derek’s father broke the rules and found his way on the track to help his beloved son. He was there for him during the worst.

If you have some argument with your parents, I recommend you to solve it now. They may not be there for you tomorrow. Let your guard down and do it.

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