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Heartwarming Video Shows Traffic Cop Giving An Old Man A Piggyback To Help Him Cross The Street


Heartwarming Video Shows Traffic Cop Giving An Old Man A Piggyback To Help Him Cross The Street

CCTV captured a traffic cop giving an old man a piggyback to help him cross the street in southwest China’s Sichuan province.

A police officer has been an inspiration for many people and police officers. His deed was not something you see every day. He was caught carrying an elderly man on his back amid busy traffic in China.

The footage shows that the elderly man with two walking sticks will surely have a hard time crossing the road before the green light turns on for cars. But an on-duty policeman Quin Weijie was coming to the rescue.

He saw the old man struggling and went immediately to help him cross the road faster and safer.

The heart-touching scene was caught on surveillance camera footage at the junction near Sanhui overpass at Mianyang in Sichuan Province.

The incident took place during rush hour in the morning.

It’s not unusual to see fragile old people walking the street with slower-than-usual speed. And this is what happened on a six-lane road.

The old man was so slow that the traffic light turned red for pedestrians before he reached the other side.

The drivers felt compassion towards the old man and waited patiently, knowing that one day they will be crossing the road a bit slower than usual.

The officer saw the man and instantly went to him to offer help. He was then seen lifting and carrying the man on his back all the way to the other side.

“The road was quite busy, with a lot of cars. I was afraid that he (the elderly man) might feel unwell if I walked too fast. So we rested a bit in the middle and continued,” said officer Qin.

He carried the old man safely to the other side of the pedestrian zone.

Web users commented on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, that they felt proud of their police officers.

“Mianyang police are the best! The officer is so nice to help out the elderly,” said one of the users.

Another one wrote: “The drivers were all so patient too! None of them drove straight away and waited behind the lights.”

Thanks to this policeman, faith in humanity is restored once more!

Thanks to Global News for this amazing video!

Watch this incredible video bellow:

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